Overboard Remake(s) Review Part 1: Whats In a Name? – That Movie Chick

Overboard Remake(s) Review Part 1: Whats In a Name? – That Movie Chick

This review was filmed with my old background and back when I had a splint on my finger. Stay tuned for the next two parts!

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J. C. says:

I thought about subscribing, but you kept slurping your wine while simultaneously complaining about the characters' repetitious irritating behavior.

mickor says:

She gets rewarded for being a kidnapper and manipulatrix too, and you don't seem to have a problem with that. Ain't that "problematic"…

Chris Crowe says:

Love the posters in the back. What's your favorite song from Purple Rain?

J. Anthony Battaglini says:

I live to listen to you but I find it very hard(No pun intended!) To focus on your content because you are so very attractive. Your personality makes you twice as gorgeous

SpiderSimpleton says:

Something a bit different from what I'm used to, but very good all the same. Regarding that Patreon. I got you as soon as I get some things together in my personal life. Keep up the great work.

Rodrigo Pérez says:

To be fair, Gotenks sucks too.

Rodrigo Pérez says:

Well, a few years ago I met a plumber called "el burro". To this day, I'm not sure I've ever heard his real name.

nigel le maitre says:

You know that Gary Marshall died, right?

Mike Hascats says:

movie chick, buy a moviepass so you can watch every movie in the theaters for only $10 a month

Mike Hascats says:

the only reason i kept watching the review is titties

J Burghardt says:

Very nice review! Interesting insight on remakes.

jvin248 says:

Why is it that every 'Ensemble Cast' movie is terrible?

James Sessions says:

So now we know that Overboard exists in the same universe as Battlestar Galactica. Because this has all happened before and it will all happen again.

monkeybreath21 says:

"I just…. ate a bug"

dehteg says:

What's wrong with your finger?
Did you have a falling out with the Yakuza?

Rocked says:

George Lucas' greatest regret is that he can't remake everything he's ever done. Several times over. Every few years.

The Stuff says:

Saw Overboard when it was released This (from memory) was Goldies final big comedy (Bird on a Wire followed but it was unbearably dull) After Overboard she shifted more to dramas At the time people were going to see this in the afterglow of Wildcats (we use to watch Wildcats at school whenever teachers wanted to fill up a few periods, or Predator, Total Recall or Point Break) She began the decade with Private Benjamin Overboard felt like a reward to the faithful for sticking with her, it wasnt top tier comedy, its obviously cheaply made and it doesnt have the spread of great characters Wildcats had As for it being problematic, thats an eye of the beholder thing In 87 Overboard was ridiculous – it was just a vehicle to watch Hawn in a series of funny scenes or situations (of which there were fewer than Wildcats, but maybe more than in PB) It was kinda ignored, a lesser film in Hawns catalogue. Now, Pretty Woman – I remember a whole lotta discussion about how problematic that was at the time (there was even criticism of the poster – Roberts head tacked onto a models body)

channelsiskart says:

What happened to your finger?

t3tsuyaguy1 says:

Also your analysis is bad ass. I really needed to listen to an intellectual breakdown of this type. You're one of those people I subscribe to, because when I really just need to listen to an intelligent person talk for a little bit, you always leave me feeling a little more informed and possessing just a little more nuance in my perspective. Thanks for that.

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