Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Review || Frozen Over

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Review || Frozen Over

my review of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

Picture by: Earl Holloway http://funnybonedrawings.tumblr.com/

music by myself

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jay folk says:

pixar short still better than disney short thats 20minutes.

The Girl Named Sig says:

This one chick named Baylee in my Baking program went to go see Coco /just/ to see this because she's so in love with Frozen.

john Thaerough says:

When they heard people want a frozen 2 they must have mistook what people meant by 2

Damien Bustamante says:

The effects were decent.
Everything else: Meh.

SeekersLegacy says:

Also, parents don’t have reservations about seeing animated films. Parents with good taste don’t at least.

SeekersLegacy says:

You say you don’t hate Frozen as much as “most people”. Huh. Funny. Considering it’s a fact that the majority of Disney fans like Frozen.

Frozen Fan says:

I saw the trailer for this short and rolled my eyes. I wont watch it and wont support it. JUST MAKE THE GOD DAMN SEQUAL AND STOP FUCKINN AROUND. This short looks cheesy and looks shallow as hell. What is the point in this besides a money grab? No thanks. I supported the original to death and was obsessed with it but this looks stupid.

Mileidy Class says:

I remember watching this short and being like, "Okay, I get it. Can we go to Coco now?"

JJ Yosh says:

I absolutely love your video! please make more 🙂

Adrian Sierra says:

Tales: He asked for 10
You expect certain things from rest areas.
The broken vending machines, the working ones, the crowded bathrooms, the pamphlets, the maps, you know the usual things.
You tend to see those often, but then theres times you happen to catch something random.
Like a 6 foot 5 cowboy standing next to you at a urinal, thats quite unsual.
Not quite as unusual as seeing some guy do gymnastics on some monkey bars, but unusual nonetheless.
Can't say the same for a guy handing out free hot dogs and hot chocolate, thats very unexpected.
Then theres the possibility of running into some weirdo asking for money in the middle of the night claiming its for gas.
Giving a sob story involving dogs to lure people in.
Some buy into it, we bought his story for 7 dollars.
Boy were we saps, yep its all quite unusual.

Seems a review for Juwanna Mann is still up in the air. When will it come down?

CaptainNnif says:

I want to see animated shorts make theatrical appearances like they used to in the mid-20th century, even for non-animated feature films! Back in the early days of Disney, animation was adored by all ages, was made with passion, and told revolutionary stories. Olaf's Frozen Diarrhea is a sterile, market-tested, overblown, disgrace. Disney, in 2017, has been a greedy-soulless corporation first and foremost.

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