Ocean’s 8 Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 Movie Review

Mark and Kristian review Ocean’s 8.

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David Wilson says:

So many people are confused saying this is a rehash or this is a remake when it's not it's a separate addition since Sandra Bullock is Danny's sister it tells us that crime runs in the family and Sandra has her own gang.

J H says:

These trailers make this film look nothing more than a remake of Oceans 11. Everything from from Sandra Bullock at her parole hearing to her assembling her team.

WhatistheMatrix? says:

Feminism is so noble…

WhatistheMatrix? says:

Are all 8 tranz actresses?

Ms Nobody says:

Love potion no. 9..ive been watching Sandra a long time

Raveous Carlias says:

Needs moar transgenders

Monsieur Ji says:

Hahahaha. Loved how Kristian said Danny Elfman and Mark was like, oh yeah, Helena Bonham Carter! You guys are telepathic twins now!

Winter Star says:

its a womans movie why would these guys like it …

Ian Luman says:

Gonna pass. Not a heist movie guy.

Etlyn Hercus says:

Ocean's 8 Movie Available in hd Quality
Stream Now tinyurl.com/ydc3wyuo

Elijah El says:

Is Ellis a virgin? Grow some balls man.

Manufanatic 99 says:

Meh so it is really bad these guys will never downgrade a female led movie

Christopher Day says:

Nope not going to see it. It is basically a retelling of Oceans 11 with women. I am not giving my money to this SJW crap!!!!!!! If they wanted to make a all woman ensemble cast for a movie, GREAT. But please come up with an original idea. Copying Oceans 11 and replacing actors with all women is NOT Original.

wholetruthy says:

God these guys are so lame !

virtualee2000 says:

And just as the Schmoes said….'Ya know what this movie could have done with?'………I'm thinking…a guy. Another SJW turd burger I won't be eating..

virtualee2000 says:

Lol, was Kristian 'sleep' reviewing?

Spencer Jackson says:

It depends on the lady. It looks like a Netflix movie to me but we'll see what the lady wants.

Trey says:

Anne Hathaway is the best part.

Disney65Fan says:

Annie Reid joins the stepmother, the fairy godmother, Mia and Rhianna all in the same film.

beccadotelpy says:

I'll probably wait for it to come to streaming. The Ocean's series is one of my favorites but I didn't see any of them in the theater either.

georgebx says:

couldn’t think of anything more cringe worthy than the thought of this movie.

neil Varma says:

yeah, schmoes know still exists!

Official Filmilen says:

Very good review

veksone77 says:

Ocean's 11 was overrated…

DeeKay says:

They forgot to mention SPEED. Bullock best film. Watch WELCOME TO COLLINWOOD instead. Best heist movie ever.

lilith lee says:

Melissa would great in this movie yes

jordancollins444 says:

I was one the fence but with this review I’ll make it a DVD rental

Dtown Dtown says:

Get a cast of this caliber and do a unique story…this is like watching the female version of Ghostbusters.

Brendan Little says:

Oceans 14 where 7 from the first trilogy and 7 from the new trilogy team up to steal the infinity gauntlet from Thanos

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