OCEAN’S 8 MOVIE REVIEW – More of the same?

OCEAN’S 8 MOVIE REVIEW – More of the same?

OCEAN’S 8 MOVIE REVIEW – More of the same? – The Double Toasted podcast does movie reviews and today they give their Ocean’s 8 movie review. The new heist movie 2018 doesn’t have the old cast, instead, they’ve gender-swapped the movie into all females and the cast stars Sandra Bullock, Rihanna and more! Will this new film find something original to do, or will it be more of the same? Find out in this funny movie review. And as always, let us know your thoughts on the film down below. Let us know how you felt about the George Clooney trilogy. Let us know if you’re planning any heists right now, maybe planning to rob some of that DT merch?

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J. Jo says:

if hollywood only knew this movie speaks to no one.

Malo Perverso says:

The Only One Missing is Melissa McCarthy…..

Master Pizza says:

I'm grateful they made Ocean's 8 just so I could see this review. LMAO.
Mr. Sunday Movies Caravan of Garbage about the Rat Pack Ocean's movie is also worth a watch.

Technosis 909 says:

Can't a movie just suck any more? Why if it's a minority cast, ANY one who hates it doesn't like women or is racist. Maybe, your movie just sucks. We want good characters/stories. I could give a shit if they have a penis or not. Or if they are black or not.

Sandra says:

It finally hit me hard…I miss Girts

Luke Smale says:

Great review guys. Never seen an Oceans film. Not in a rush to

Android Fun says:

Can we all just be happy Leslie Jones wasn't in this?

ChocoftheCharts says:

I'm really going to miss Goodwin…

Mariko True says:

I think some of my favorite Double Toasted reviews are concerning movies that I never want to see. This review joins that exalted list.Just watching this review and one trailer, I have a theory about how this movie ends. I wonder, if there is there a "twist" involving the Anne Hathaway character.

tacruiz says:

Tired of this damn women movement crap. STOP IT! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT CRAP!

V I says:

It's always the same formula! After these extended universes were made, I started to notice that most studios have no original talent and just use formulas where all the decisions are made based on testing. It's why there will be a million Star Wars and Madea movies (and maybe a Star Wars/Madea spinoff) no matter what fans or critics say because they will make money with a small budget.

theULTIMATETetris says:

Well, let's hope Oceans 9 and 10 do a little bit better.


However the Ocean's flicks (even the ones back in the day) IS supposed to be a hangout movie. A buncha guys hanging around pulling a caper.

William Walsh says:

The creators of Ocean's 8 should have copied the first twenty minutes of the Brian DePalmer film Femme Fatale and extended it to 90 minutes.

Dancier Hall says:

Nahhhh the first Oceans movies are cool. Not including the original original one.

Boss Umbra says:

John Mulaney ruined this movie before it came out.

Rhetro Active says:

These Oceans movies are just they type of thing maybe you watch when you're channel flipping on cable and bored, but pay to go see in the theater? Nahhhh

Shawn Strongwill says:

Yeahhhh, I'm not watching that. I'll wait for Netflix.

Shawn Sonya says:

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Sara Calis says:

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Champ Champ says:

This is off topic but, I'm absolutely sick of Tai Lopez and his stupid dream selling ads!!!

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