Ocean’s 8 – Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 – Movie Review

The 4th movie in the Ocean family heist business. Sandra Bullock must put together a team to steal a diamond necklace from a fashion show. Here’s my review of OCEAN’S 8!



Jeremias Ruff says:

The movie was the perfect "I have to iron my shirt and my pizza is in the oven " movie. It is harmless fine and not bad. Could have been better could have been worse and you dont miss anything if you have to check on your pizza

C Mac says:

It was an ok movie but not a great movie. The characters should have encountered more challenges in the heist. They had it way too easy. From best to worst: Ocean’s 11, 13, 8 then 12.

frod79 says:

11- 8 – 13 -12 had a good time w this one

John Smith says:

Good movie. Review Herditary!!

JCDenton 2012 says:

There is actually still a lot of unearthed ground for the heist genre. It's just that you need to be super creative to tap into it. Just a few ideas that haven't been used yet.

1) Heist Elon Musk space shuttle plans for NASA.
2) Heist the Bill Gates Personal Vault.
3) Heist the Dubai Gold Vault

Any one of those would be an AAA movie.

kemuael says:

Ocean: Feminism

Adam Woolston says:

So since it’s the same universe, are we gonna have a team up movie called Oceans Infinity War?

Oto Tanase says:

I'm waiting for your hereditary movie review

splinter1psi99 says:

I thought the movie was rather dull throughout, like they said give me Oceans 11 but remove the lite humor…. And yes, the actual heist was lackluster and a 'turn' at the end kinda undercuts everything. The actresses we're fine, but they really weren't given much and it seemed like they were all told to kinda play the same laid back character with no standout out or varying different personalities…..even Helena Bonham Carter's character while the only slightly awkward one was kinda muted and she normally plays 'weird' well.

It's really just an average movie at best.

Phuck Ewe says:

Ocean's 8 sucked balls. Hollywood is so smug that they think they can make us swarm to anything on the screen. They actually put Kim Kardashian in this movie. LOL

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