Ocean’s 8 – Movie Review

Ocean’s 8 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Ocean’s 8, starring Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina. Directed by Gary Ross.



C Delasaux says:

I wish feminists would make their own franchises up instead of copying from borrowed content all the time. It's all wha wha wha. few women actually go out of their way to come up with new ideas and moan that they're discriminated against. Bullshit. We've had female world leaders. If you can reach that position then you have no excuse. I'm not sexist and admire strong women who get shit done but god damn.

Omar Gabriel Tafur Tafur says:

First Ghostbusters now Ocean's 8.
What's next The Godmother, Women In Black, X WoMen

He Man says:

What a load of fucking trash, women can't even come up with anything original they have to just copy the men and say ooh look at me I can do that too, stop ruining franchises that people love and just fuck off

Jimmy Gentile says:

More money oh yes thats what its all about and nothing else.

would thatitweresosimple says:

Looking good

superficialwannabe says:

I still wanna see this film soooo badly! the cast looks amazing! And its about FASHION!!! Comes out 18th June in UK though 🙁

Steven Spurgers says:

What I’m surprised by is all this Ocean’s 12 hate. It was the first one I saw and I loved it. Granted, it’s been years.

Going to have to rewatch and see what I’m not remembering, lol.

Robin Love says:

Making a film just to push gender equality is fucking nonsense

Daniel Hammond says:

Did anyone stick around to listen about Skill share? Lol I know I didn't. 😁

MentallySane says:

i really don't care that it looks and feels the same as the originals but i just don't like the actors in the originals and also not the extreme masculine stuff..
and i do really love alot of these actrices .. : Cate Blanchett? the godess that she is. Sarah Paulson.. QUEEN .. Helena Bonham Carter.. is AMAZING .. Sandra bullock is also genius.. SO IM HYPED

Jeremy Alexander says:

I don't understand the mentality behind these films. I have no problem with an all female cast, but by just remaking movies and replacing all the men with women, you're doing a disservice to women. There are plenty of new stories to tell, or stories that aren't just retreads of old ideas. Christ, this is the 2nd reboot of the Ocean's concept in a few decades. Are people really just that out of new ideas?

Kejoko says:

Oh chris you and your patriarchy fed self need a reality check. This movie IS unique and is not a remake at all.

Daniel Palma says:

Halloween trailer breakdown plzzzzzzz!!!!

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