My Review of ‘SIBERIA’ | Total Waste of Time

My Review of ‘SIBERIA’ | Total Waste of Time

Here’s my video review of Saban Films’ new movie, “SIberia” starring Keanu Reeves, Ana Ularu, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Dmitry Chepovetsky, James Gracie, Eugene Lipinski, Rafael Petardi, with Veronica Ferres and Molly Ringwald

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Jon Elias says:

i will remember this film as one of keanu reeves porn movie.

R for Russian says:

Bravo for this review!!! There are healthy people left!
Movie "Siberia" It is a terrible betrayal of people trust as a viewers. Miserable bad people of course, bad pervert sex scenes you want to cry, people without dignity and courage, stupid and drunk. It told everything about people who made it and nothing about Siberia.
Hollywood lately thinks it can feed audience with anything and people gonna eat it with a spoon. I am from Siberia, born and raised. There are TVs in Siberia and we can watch it and expose it for what it is. It's about portraying people disgracefully.
The writer himself, his is from New Jersey, so he should called that movie " New Jersey, Summit" he obviously wrote a story about his life, nobody would have any questions then.
I didn't feel for any of the characters. Main character played by Keanu Reaves is a coward and doesn't have a spirit, a girl in a movie came off as silly and rude, with no self respect. Other characters, i din't know what are they talking about, they thought they speak Russian.
Scene where so called "mafia guy" wants to be a "blood brothers" in reality, simply means that both man should cut their hand palms with a knife, mixture blood during the handshake, this is how you become a blood brothers. Here was portrayed as pervert sexual act instead. From what dark imagination it come from????
Why it always need to be something pervert to bring people attention. What does it say about scenarist and script people. Scott B Smith, the writer should be tested by a mental health doctor before he express his demons into public.
Language used in the movie is not Russian, it's painful to watch, faces , mannerism, clothes? I felt awkwardness for all the characters in the movie. Brainless dialogues, I don't know what nationalities people are in the movie.
Funny thing, location itself: Mirniy town, where the most of the movie takes place is not in Siberia. It's Republic of Yakutia. DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHY PLACE. What it has to do with Siberia what so ever? Maybe the stereotypes of drunk, dirty people, that promoted in this movie. Of course, what else well paid movie producers know about other country, just that.
It was good decoration and photo montage though. But it was spoiled when camera captured big faces saying stupid things in a close short. I didn't continue to watch it.
Writers who made this movie, don't know nothing about this place. What it shows, their personal miserable stereotypes, maybe their own psychological problems, nothing else. Siberia is big a place with great nature, kind people with a good sense of humour and mostly well educated. There are of course exception like in the rest of the world.
They should have chosen a different name for the movie. I understand people want to make money with fast production and want to bring attention with mysterious names. Guys, just don't follow for that. It is a low vibration movie that will give you bad emotions, if you are healthy person.
It could have been a story with inspiring figures, such a waste.

Sharon Kalona S says:

Guess it was a movie so Keanu would get laid. 😂

Coach Movies says:

lol this looks so bad

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