Mute – Official Movie Review

Mute – Official Movie Review

Mute starring Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux directed by Duncan Jones is reviewed by Alonso Duralde, Christy Lemire and Matt Atchity.

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Berlin, the future, but close enough to feel familiar: In this loud, often brutal city, Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) – unable to speak from a childhood accident – searches for his missing girlfriend, the love of his life, his salvation, through dark streets, frenzied plazas, and the full spectrum of the cities shadow-dwellers. As he seeks answers, Leo finds himself mixed up with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), a pair of irreverent US army surgeons on a mission all their own. This soulful sci-fi journey from filmmaker Duncan Jones ( Moon, Source Code, Warcraft) imagines a world of strange currencies in which echoes of love and humanity are still worth listening to.

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Nite 8800 says:

I enjoyed the atmosphere of it, there was absolutely no reason for it. It could have been set in post WW1 Berlin and still not affect the story. There were consistency issues through out the entire film. He's Amish, but there seems to be no reason why he's living in a major city, working at a strip club, owned by a mob boss and dating a woman. Unless he's on Rumspringa, none of this makes any sense. Or the world is so overpopulated that there's no open country? Then what was Duck driving through at the end? That looked pretty rural to me.
They did show several Amish people in the beginning but Leo just gave them a glance and didn't seem to know them. He, sort of, knows sign language, just enough for a few scenes. You'd think that, despite being Amish, he'd of learned sign language so he could better communicate with the world. All in all I think that it looked good and the acting was really good, especially Paul Rudd, but the plot was a mess.

Let`s Talk Netflix says:

I wish we could have seen all the Sam Bells an Earth instead…I didn't like the movie and it would have been exactely the same if he could talk ?

ian lee says:

Really enjoyed this, it’s getting a lot of negative feedback and comparisons to blade runner, other than the futuristic setting and detective work, it’s nothing like it. Great acting from Paul and alex, 7/10 for me

Chris Wright says:

"… from Duncan Jones, who gave us the great movie Moon."

Great movie Moon? Oh no, not you too Matt. There's nothing great about Moon. I found it a listless and uninteresting affair revolving around one little space miner who understandably gets a little batshit crazy from being so isolated from his fellow creatures. It's like yes, people crave human contact, no man is an island, I get that, it's not revelatory. I wonder if maybe the reason that so many people found it stimulating is that they harbour secret or not-so-secret fantasies of leaving planet earth and being off on their own for a time, because they just cannot for the life of them figure out how to get along with other people. Didn't do it for me though, sorry.

Mason Head says:

they're trashing a movie that really isn't bad. this is nitpicking at its best

Logansolo Howlett-Jones says:

"A mute Amish bartender" hahahahahahah

jariufo says:

I give 3 points to the movie because you did it to. Its so hard to use my own brain so i just say what you say.

Adam Feliciano says:

This was a great show and the ending was a blast!!!!! Keep up the great work NETFLIX!!!!!!

Josue J says:

I hope Netflix keeps making shitty movies.

V1deo.Hunter.D says:

Trailer is god awful

trippalita says:

I would give it a 6/10. The actors did a good job with what they were given, the emotions are real, the story line was a bit muddled, and Paul Rudd was fantastic.

Dancier Hall says:

Hey blade runner had flying cars and was only 37 years in the future. They always under estimate stuff in these movies.

Sir Plug says:

Blade Runner has become such an open toy box for every would-be Ridley Scott to have a go, but none come close. Shame for Duncan Jones, if he wanted so much to make a cyberpunk movie, just have a flip through Gibson or Sterling's novels and stories and you'll get the real deal. You may have the visuals, but you need strong story and character to make this stuff work.

Jordan Alford says:

This movie was so horrible. I honestly feel bad for Duncan Jones. To have a film this personal do this poorly that means so much to him has to suck.

Harkness78 says:

I gave it a 7 on IMDB, but yeah it isn't very good. Not garbage like Alonso says, but there is a ton of stuff that doesn't work and it's needlessly long and cliche.

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