Murder on the Orient Express – Movie Review

Murder on the Orient Express – Movie Review

A group stranded on a train where one was murdered. Lucky for them, the greatest detective in the world is among them! Here’s my review of MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS!

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Lt.AldoRaine says:

I loved this movie and I can see why to some people it can seem like a pointless remake but it seems to me like Branagh has possibly set up a sequel maybe for Egypt but maybe not that’s why to me it doesn’t seem like a pointless remake. And it nailed the story for me but could have went a bit more in depth with some of the characters. I would honestly rate it 8 1/2 of 10

Retro Joe says:

If you can't follow the characters, then you shouldn't watch this movie…

Scott B says:


The train was going to take 3 days to get to eventually France and England…and they murdered him on the first night. Just imagining them all going about their business eating and lounging about seems weird. Like they ended a dude not 200 feet from where they were at and it would all be normal to them. that is screwed up.

Also, my goodness Daisy Ridley….I'd make love to that accent any day of the week.

Kyle rutherford says:

This movie was really a great movie. Kinda didn't expect end of movie.

Casual Aelor says:

Sir Jeremy, David Suchet did all the Poirot books and short stories….his version of this book is amazing….Ill see this in time but there was really no need for this movie in my opinion….

Running Crazy says:

I really liked it, this movie has a nice calm steady flow to it. It reminds me of watching masterpiece theater. Not all movies have to be fast paced and in your face the entire time.

DoTheEvolution78 says:

My favorite murder mystery is Clue the movie with Tim Curry!

Josie's Film Chats says:

I enjoyed it but I think that's because I had never seen any of the Murder on the Orient Express films/books etc so I didn't know the story very well. I found the acting to be solid and I think the casting was done very well, and some of the shots/scenery were absolutely stunning however it is hard to follow at times and it does feel like Hercule jumps from point to point too quickly with no real reasoning as to why

Rman Nayr says:

I liked the Movie and It was really good! If you are into Mystery Murder movies, this one's for You!

Just Watch It says:

It was fun, I remembered the characters names whilst watching the film although I can't recall them now so I didn't have that problem, not fantastic but a good family film despite that fact that we have Padington 2 now which is much better.

Jason Loperena says:

I saw this movie at a advanced screening at the beginning of 2017 and now this movie come out.

Ben Gamer says:

I didn’t like the directing in this. Found the camera work really confusing in the action scenes as well…

Soireb says:

Saw it last night, I liked it. It gad it’s slow moments, but it didn’t felt as slow as Blade Runner 2. Boyfriend fell asleep halfway through though.

Things Liberals Say says:

3:00. My reaction to this movie

keepmeposted25 says:

My favorite murder mystery (as well as Agatha Christie novel) is And Then There Were None 🙂

Ian Rastall says:

Probably a better book than "The Art Of Murder On The Orient Express" would be "Murder On The Orient Express", which is a great book. I think it's valuable to have the insight of someone who has no familiarity with either the source material or the author, or the various incarnations of Poirot — especially that of David Suchet. … But this is definitely like LOTR. The source material, Agatha Christie, and David Suchet, are already familiar to a lot of people. In fact Kenneth Branaugh making the character so ridiculous is kind of offensive. Sort of.

Anais Perez says:

After an hour of watching this film the reel stopped and the theater manager gave us a refund.

Ichorof says:

Really ? It was a really good movie I already knew the ending so that giving away too much didn't effect anything for me and it's not really on the nose. Kenneth Branagh was really good as Hercule Poirot, Michelle Pfeiffer was great the not remembering the names part is true but you can all remember their relation to the deceased and that was the important part overall it is a really good movie and I am excited for the sequal, and beautiful visuals yes. Better than the original movie.

EXO LOVE says:

Did anyone mistake Pierce Brosnan for Branagh? XD I swear I thought it was Brosnan ! Imma take my leave !

TheSamuraiXX011 says:

Jeremy, the book is the same way. I was listening to it in my car for a week like a month ago, and when Hercule was rattling off and piecing together, I was like wait-a-min…OH COME ON. Book standards: There are WAY too many characters to keep track of, and some like Mrs. Hubbard get way too much booktime… and some are just reduced to or remembered for a tic or shtick they do. My favorite was Hubbard because she would go, "My daughter this and my daughter that". Outside of Hercule, the rest minus well be cardboard cutouts.

It's a shame that this movie is getting lukewarm or panned from what I have been reading as I only read- er listened to the book for the movie. I wasnt a fan of Christie as a kid, having read way more Sherlock than any of her stories. In fact, Orient is the first one that I read. I'll probably see Orient, but at a theater with a good bar. ?

Robert Clarke says:

0/10, I found the lack of David Suchet disturbing.

WhyteLis21 says:

best detective movie this year has got to be blade runner 2049. there you go. ?

Tess La PLante says:

I loved the movie! Sure it had it’s flaws but most do. It’s not gonna be a movie for everyone. Heck, most of the people in the theater watching it were over 60. But I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to watch it again.

Molly Miles says:

a trailer for the movie played before this

The_Dang_Man says:

This movie is the definition of anticlimactic

MushroomQueen20 says:

Guys, this movie was pretty damn good. It exceeded my expectations. But it’s just The Grand Budapest Hotel on a train. Even down to the year and having Willem DaFoe.

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