Movie Review – Christopher Robin

Movie Review – Christopher Robin


NotSnarl says:

This isn't Star Wars. Unsubscribed.

Christopher Smith says:

A "live action poo movie"? no thank you!

DMURN5 says:

My kids want to see it so thanks for the review.

Theoret1cal says:

I love Pooh!

Richard Strand says:

Why didn't the director subvert our expectations? Give Christopher Robin the Luke treatment.

Kevin Street says:

Hello there

Tiberius 209 says:

Why is Jeremy being pushed off my feed? I like the smash button every video!

BullCraftMaxx says:

Is the video with Overlord DVD coming soon?

Salerose M says:

Thank you for the Review, much appreciated 😉
Have not seen it yet, but would still like the Obi-Wan Kenobi movie with Ewan McGregor !

M'Lissa Anderson says:

This would have a great movie for Proper Jeremy to review. Sounds like his kinda film! Ewan better be Obi Wan. Ewan or bust…

TheEmanExperience says:

That’s Jedi Knight

Harry Thompson says:

im impressed i expected them to try and slip some SJW into this and they didnt …. holy shit.

TheSequelReturns says:

Props for Super Mario RPG going on the background tv there.

Cameron Tennant says:

I wanna see this movie so bad! But the real question is… is it better than TLJ?

saquist says:

@Jeremy I love your Channel.
I'd like to offer some (unsolicited advice after the Mundane Matt story)
You have a ton of momentum during this *Star Wars Fandom Menace Era*. I know you are aware of the temporary high of the channel you're on and your personality simply sizzles on Camera.
But there are other things I see you NEED to do to build Geek's and Gamers
-You have the Perfect Company name. Capitalize on it. All of Geekdom is at your beckon, Star Trek, Stars Wars and everything in between. Jump on what's popular.
-Sports (Football Season is coming and I'm a huge Sports Fan.) Start cross promoting. Sports is much bigger than geek culture but it has to be developed. Create discussion that actually balance the national perspective instead of feeding the Frenzy like the media.
-Increase the quality of your product. Believe it or not you have competition (Beyond the Trailer for one)
-Create a REVIEW SYSTEM! Or a rating system like Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritics and IGN.
-YOU NEED AND E-SPORTS DIVISION. We just had the WCS (World Championship of Starcraft) in AUSTIN TEXAS for the second Year Geeks and Gamers needs a presence there just to get your name known in wider circles.
-Better Reviews (you need people reviewing that KNOW the source material) If that's YOU good, if not find someone that does.
-Polish the presentation (you and others may have to start some level of scripting to bring down the time of your videos and get straight to the point) Discussion are great too but they don't have to be the same. Shorter in the long run means more views. SEE YouTUBER Spacedock who makes more money than Trekyards doing the same thing.
-Better Graphics (The Geeks and Gamers logo is AMAZING) more graphics on the videos are a sign of polish and helps your channel stand out. (Yes balance this with quick and fast but still polish it.)
-Get behind the camera and work on lighting and Cinematographyto create a scheme that can be recognized ACROSS the entire channel and viewers will automatically associate with Geeks and Gamers no matter who is presenting. Your objective is to lead, eventually that WILL mean leading from behind when the company gets big enough.
-You need to settle down on the profanity on SOME of your channels. (hopefully on scripted videos) There seriously needs to be a kids zone and frankly you know this is true. You often say it's what my viewers want that's important. Personally I would stop saying "I can't please everyone". You're RIGHT but you should still TRY to always put the best foot forward and that doesn't mean you're not going to be yourself or that your company won't reflect you. It does mean that a the center of "The Common Sense Network" on YouTube people will see you as both similar to them and different. That's the Unity the United States lacks right now. To me your channel is a Entertainment Juggernaut waiting to happen just like the Intellectual Dark Web and there is a window of opportunity that fame is offering.
Good Luck Jeremy!
I love you and your entire Gang. You have Good People with you.

I watch a variety of YouTubers but I'm often perplexed why they aren't looking closely at each other. Polished products attract not just co

fliplife67 says:

This movie was ok but some parts look to dark for kids.

Jared S. says:

Thanks for this review, Jeremy. Was sort of on the fence but now I'm anxious to go see the movie. Love Ewan McGregor of course, already want him back as Obi-wan! BTW how was Peggy Carter as Christopher Robin's wife?

xephorce says:

for me i asked myself who asked for this movie…

Nick B says:

I heard SJW's want Tiggers name to be changed. It sounds to close to you know what. WWII = The Greatest Generation. Millennials = The "Grading" Generation.

jesse Miller says:

The jabiodydubs horror version was awesome

Derek Tucker says:

It’s a feel good movie and you will shed a few happy tears.

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