Movie Review – Call Me By Your Name

Movie Review – Call Me By Your Name

Movie Review – Call Me By Your Name



TheCountry Mouse says:

I love this movie…. and even though it's a small, small thing….. I loved the part where Oliver and Elio met at midnight for their big night…..Oliver slams the door and Elio dives for the door to try and stop it, doesn't make it, then he flips out, lol! A little scene, but sooo funny.

Tim Krebs says:

I love this so much.

Scott saunders says:

I’ve watched a few reviews of this movie this is the best! I’ve never been so obsessed of a film after watching it just amazing and gut wrenchingly emotional

NOV17MAY16 says:

Love your reviewing style!!

Queen Janeway says:

At this point I just feel so blessed this movie exists! I've seen it 6 times now…

Steve Krause says:

Loved your comments on the film. You made me laugh and smile through your whole review! Seriously. So, thank you. I share your feelings about the movie. In fact, I like it so much I've seen it five times. Also, I too liked the actor's little spins. He does it two or three times in the flick.. Remember near the end when he comes in from the winter cold, places his coat on the hook and walks down the hall toward the den? He spins again. Must be a teenage thing, huh? He also did a couple of "shuffles," if you will. For example, after putting on that shirt he got from "Sonny and Cher" he steps outside and does this kind of two-step shuffle that's rather endearing. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie like I did, and thanks again for putting a smile on my face tonight. You're delightful.

Think Haven says:

17.00- your reaction… LOL!!

Leyla An says:

nice review!

flrlexpmnt says:

Seing this video the 4th time. I love this review!

Jeremy French says:

You are so adorable. You make me love this movie even more.

G J says:

I loved this film too. great chemistry between the two characters great writing. Wonderful love scenes. And the last scene was heart breaking

brknhrt12 says:

Love your review but one correction, it was set in 1983 not 1968.

Jason Wang says:


Goodie Andy says:

Great review

BrandonLanceGarnsey says:

Your smile is infectious. Loved your review!!

Isley Martodihardjo says:

Great review! It was like talking to you about it.

Robert Hoover says:

I loved your video and thanks for taking the time to make it. The way you expressed your feelings was more eloquent than words could have been. For what it’s worth, the peach scene is given more depth in the book and I hope you can get to read that part.

Aunt Vesuvi says:

As an aunt of pubescent young men (who make more noise when they're alone than they think they make) … when they're horny, they can't wait (or it takes way more effort than they're willing to exert when they have some time to kill). LOL Elio saw that juicy, cleft peach and wanted to get "a little practice" under his belt before the real thing (and when the testosterone is at its height, they can go over and over and over again)! 💜 And Oliver being so tentative and careful… feeling the attraction, but not wanting to hurt Elio, knowing the summer would end and he couldn't stay. I've felt these things in my love life, too… and this movie brought those feelings back as if they were happening in the present! 💜 Such a gorgeous movie! The feelings of first love (and the lasting effects) were ultimately relatable… and all so masterfully executed. I felt like I was in Italy with them. I just loved it so much (as well as your review)!

Caz B says:

I love your review 🙂

Tara Ryder says:

Great review! This movie touched me so deeply I loved every minute of it. 10/10 for me

flrlexpmnt says:

Hahaha, this is such a lovely review! thanks for uploading. it takes place in 1983 not 1968 though. If you really loved it, check out the book there's even more cute and sexy in there!

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