Movie Night | “Braveheart” Review

Movie Night | “Braveheart” Review

This week we welcome a special guest to review one of Mel Gibson’s finest films, “Braveheart”!

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SparksDrinker says:

You said the movie had 3 main father son relationships but you forgot about the 4th! William Wallace's right hand man Hamish and his father had a fantastic interesting relationship ending with the father dying in his sons arms after a battle.


the ending made me cry

Oldfashionedgamers9 says:

Being Scottish, I hate Braveheart with a passion.

The gaming melon says:

I'm Scottish

Campbell Scott says:

You should be mentioning the historical side of this film

Tim DeCoste says:

This is my favorite movie of all time. It is perfect and the thing that absolutely made the movie was Robert the Bruce. If he sucked, this movie wouldn't be as good but he was fantastic

colirino says:

Longshanks son, Edward II, was homosexual and Edward II's aid was based on the real life Piers Gavesten. Piers was eventually killed by many of Edward II's barons because he was ruining the marriage of Edward and Isabella. Interesting history all over for Longshanks, his son and Queen Isabella.

Saintsinnz says:

as a scot..i gottaadmit, most braveheart was shot in ireland for economic reason at the time,but you are right, the music makes the film,u bring up wallace and the princess…well one of the main themes is called "for the love a princess" the other being "gift of a thistle"

MelanicDisaster says:

Awesome review, ya this is definitely my favorite movie of all time. Right in front of Schindler's List. And this film just had an amazing soundtrack. The movie wouldn't of been so enthralling, without James Horner's brilliant compositions. A true masterpiece, and Mel Gibson's best.

McChulo says:

lol, yeh the future king's aid was definitely his homosexual partner.

When he was thrown off the window he wanted to kill his father. That confirmed it.

McChulo says:

Nice review.

Reminds me of a series I finished watching called 'La Pola'. It's almost the same kind of story but it's a brave woman who fights for her country's freedom. Its amazing.


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