MOTHER’S BOYS (1993) ? Horror Movie Review & Rant

MOTHER’S BOYS (1993) ? Horror Movie Review & Rant

To celebrate Mother’s Day Danny Knightmare reviews the 1993 film Mother’s Boys.

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Harrison Callifrax says:

Yeah, that looks like an absolute turd. I'm surprised you managed to watch the whole way through it! Great review as always!

Zachary Haith says:

Great review Danny! Hey I like Mother's Day. Troma! Troma! Troma!

Timelord 007 says:

Hilarious review Danny you endured watching this turd to review for us Horror Addicts you deserve a few cold beers mate & a head massage from Gory to de-stress as you've gone above & beyond the call of duty reviewing this one mate.

This film is a train wreck & wtf? was Jamie Lee Curtis thinking agreeing to star in this tripe? her pay cheque must have had a lot of numbers on it.

Still Jamie is one sexy lady with a great ass I wish I'd been in that bathtub I'd kept British end up lol.

Awful film, no cool gory deaths, awful hammy acting & yet I remember this film was frequently rented by horror fans when I worked at Blockbuster, god knows why?

HorrorJunkies509 says:

Great review Danny and yeah I think this review is good enough of me not to watch this film so thanks for that

docthemetalfreak says:

perhaps the real reason she waz a psycho killer in this waz that Michael Myers drove her to do it?

mothangel says:

They showed Fear on the telly a few weeks ago at like 2 in the morning… Of course I stayed up to watch it ^^ Love that movie 🙂

Locarbmonster says:

Fear and Fatal Attraction destroys this movie in every way. I haven't seen Mother's Boys in years but I'll say it was a decent flick at that time

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