Mondo Schlocko movie review UW+R

Mondo Schlocko movie review UW+R

This week on Unboxed Watched and Reviewed I watch the tasteless short film Mondo Schlocko. Starring Erica Blair and directed by David Gibson.



designanddirection says:

No new review today…. Boo hoo.

BlackCatGrinz says:

I had to run this back just to watch your movie bits.  If you ever do a 24 hour mix tape, i would definitely watch!

James K says:

Seriously what is this guy? Not only does he love bad movies he features in them?

Tristan Goding says:

I think, the next time I'm in Iowa, you and I are going to have to make a film.

Ernst_and_Turkey says:

I really love the movies you make, and now I love their soundtracks too! 'The Fuckin Whore' is gold and so, so garage rocking. 'The Sound of Sleep' looks nothing short of amazing too. The looped chicken-sound mindfu*k of a soundtrack laid over the equally trippy images of a lesbo hairdo doing 'Cabaret' impressions in a clown suit was hilarious. Thanks for including the clips with your review this week.  🙂          
                                        …and Erica Blair, we're waiting for more from you. Whoa.

Zoë Wolfchild says:

We don't enjoy the same kind of movies but I have to say that I do thoroughly enjoy your reviews!

designanddirection says:

Tanner, you need to do a mixtape of your movies, Bull Dyke, the Whore Murdering Back Street Abortionist!

designanddirection says:

Tanner – Bloody Whore! You prancing around in ladies undergarments… Bloody Hilarious!

Juzkhain says:

From which movie is your shirt ? Please, can you tell me?.
Great review as always, thanks for your awesome videos!

rogaface says:

Haha kids ballroom dancing?! I'd love to hear that back story 

Brad Hominem says:

Tanner, you have to appear in this guy's next movie. You're clearly on the same wavelength!

MXXNY says:

What is that shirt that youre wearing in this video? Btw, great and keep it up 😀

Chloe says:

I wish i knew someone like you around here 🙁 you're so fun and your films further show that. Lol. Love it.

RevDooDatt says:

I've said it once and I'll say it again, 2 things make Mondays worth looking forward to, UBW+R and Monday Night Football. The difference is UBW+R never lets me down or makes me want to shoot the tv and then myself cuz I just lost my paycheck betting on the Eagles.

Andy Shumake says:

This movie looks like a lot of fun,can't wait until it's done.Thanks for another great review!

Writer, Jordan GoryJory Lurie says:

I had a massive crush on Jill Schoelen when she starred in "Phantom'89." A very underrated horror flick that shows off Robert Englund's acting chops.

David Bellinger says:

Can't get enough of those Harmony Korine references, man!

TheWickerBoy says:

Lol Dude you crack me up. You need your own T.V. show

doodaderek says:

Hilarious review! Gonna buy this movie soon!

Mark Five says:

What did you use for the blood when you played the hooker?

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