Mom and Dad (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

Mom and Dad (2018) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Horror Movie Review)

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This week The Horror Guru and Count Jackula review MOM AND DAD!

MOM AND DAD was written/directed by Brian Taylor and stars Nicolas Cage, Selma Blair, Anne Winters, Zackary Arthur, Robert T. Cunningham, Olivia Crocicchia, Brionne Davis, Samantha Lemole & Lance Henriksen!

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Anthony Kulik says:

Babies die? Um yeah fuck this movie, sorry Guru i will pass on this one. I love you and Jackula , but don't wanna see babie death 😐

Me Me says:

Good review.
Do a review on the fog or zombi 3

Derek Jones says:


Razafet Gagabrel says:

Does anyone have an explanation for this video 😣😣

Phillip Marlowe says:

NAPALM DEATH! You always come through with the shirts, Guru.

rosenrot234 says:

Oh. And don't forget. Anal beads

Nathan Mitchell says:

Love the Napalm Death top used to live in the Kings Norton area saw them play in a garage way back

rosenrot234 says:

I think its nice you give a warning for dead animals. I mean hey we're all horror nerds here but a lot of people just can't stand seeing even fictional animals getting hurt. It's like we gave up on human society so we have no trouble seeing them get hurt or killed. Animals? They didn't do anything. Our black hearts still care about them.

Angelica Figueroa says:

In the loosest of connections this movie reminds me of the game Layers Of Fear and Amnesia The Dark Descent…there you can see both sides of people going crazy but you knew why after reading that both sides kept nudging each other over the edge

John O ́neil says:

Really makes me wonder if I could take on my parents. My dad would be easy enough to outrun but my mom is a bit of a badger when she gets mad.

Daniel Ross says:

You Know Man This Review Reminds of That Classic Troma Movie Beware Children at Play in a Way Guru!😉

Daniel Ross says:

Any Movie with That Twit Nicolas Cage in it would be Weird Guru!😉

Stefan Forrer says:

watched it a couple of weeks ago and i believe i even commented on another video that you two might like it… glad to see you actually do 👍 on another note, have you seen Revenge yet? if not, i'm quite certain you two will like it.. it's a bit like if you'd blend Wolf Creek and I Spit on Your Grave together

Shark Wayne Presents says:

After watching "A Quiet Place" with my bro with your recommendation, which I thought was pretty good… I shall check this out with my bro. 😀

Tony M says:

I happened to watch this the other night and really enjoyed it myself. Can't believe I didn't catch the Grant Morrison cameo but thanks for pointing that out to make the movie even more awesome.
I often wonder exactly what it says about me that pretty much all my favorite comedies (outside of Mel Brooks movies) involve murders and psychopaths.

Irrefutable Matt says:

been a few months since i saw this one… remember feeling kinda disappointed… i mean it was good and im def gonna watch again… but youve got nick cage in a movie where he can turn the crazy all the way up to 11… but they dont let him go as overboard as i was looking forward too… think i was just expecting more from the pairing of cage and the concept

wstine79 says:

I always love crazy Nicholas Cage.

valcliff b says:

Huh, it's the strangest thing, but youtube always notifies me of new shit from channels i follow, even the ones i almost never visit, lol. And i've been watching this from a variety of different devices, too. My sympathies to whomever does get inconvenienced by this nonsense, though.

Mike Salucci says:

LOL What a shitty idea for a movie. At least they didn't try to insult us by explaining it in any attempt to make sense.

Matt Terlaga says:

I haven’t watched the movie in a while, but I’m almost positive there is no actual baby death shown on screen, there’s the scene of the fathers looking at the babies through the glass, and then the one scene with the mother trying to crush her baby, but they get it away from her before she can kill it. Correct me if I’m wrong

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