Mitron | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Mitron | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of Mitron starring Jackky Bhagnani and Kritika Kamra. The movie is directed by Nitin Kakkar.

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Aditya Sinha says:

Love the way, you don't review the movie 🙌

Hrithik Kumar says:

When you see background of video & when you see sucharita review

rehaan singh says:

+sucharita tyagi kamariya song was there in stree too.
.with more vulgar and abusing shot but nhi hme toh iss movie kae song's kaa objectification of women's sae connection krna hh….. can u ans me wht kind of Hypocrite u r… pls tell me

Khadim Hussain says:

You have an intern? I thought you are an intern at FC 😐

zoheb saikia says:

Woman doing woman complains.. Woman not getting good woman scenes

Chandana Veeraneni says:

@SucharitaTyagi @FilmCompanion Pelli Choopulu, the original Telugu film, has won 2 National Awards. One of them was Best Dialogue. It was one of the best movies of that year and my favourite as well. Just wanted yall to know.

Muskan Aggarwal says:

why didnt you review manmarziyan

Aditi M says:

The Telugu one is actually good!!

mariyam dawood says:

I hope Bollywood has learnt the lesson that taking a great National Award winning film and remaking it in most mediocre way possible is not going to get them success, it doesn't work anymore. People know and understand. 🤦

Ashutosh Verma says:

Bataiye …
1 intern ki bhi intern h…

Revanth Reddy says:
Pellichoopulu movie if any one is curious.!

Muhammad Mudassir says:

pelli chupulu has won 2 national awards and we know that Bollywood standard of remaking! 😇🤔🤔

Sai Addanki says:

Pellichoopulu is way better as a must watch for simplistic yet beautiful movies. It won National Award in 2016, you must watch it.

Nitin Darling says:

It was a small movie
But great hit in telugu

AK Films says:

Yar manmarziyan ka review kaha hai? I don't watch anupama's reviews

Akash Singh says:

Review Manmarziyaan already 🙏

Neeharika Pal says:

We want a "Not a movie review of Manmarziyaan" and, kindly speak about AB Sir for alteast a considerable amount of time, since I was very dissapointed of Anupama Mam's review for the same. Plzz (From all the AB fans)

Rinky Sen says:

@ Sucharita – Did I tell you that I saw you in the Netflix original 'Once Again'? Congratulations on your acting debut 🙂

Umang Agarwal says:

Last film.isne konsi achi boli thi bewakoof yeh film kharab ho Sakti h Lekin yeh toh saari films Ko bekar bolti h or awaaz kitni irritating h iski

lokesh sharma says:

You are awesome

Shaik Javeed says:

Pellichoopulu was actually a surprise for Telugu audiences…it was genuinely hilarious and connecting till the end….Mithron is ok as far as am concerned…a good attempt.

Shravya V says:

Pelli chupupu was awesome because of the actors who were made for their respective roles

Bilal Ahmed says:

Sucharita ma'am I must tell u that I have seen great amount of progress in you Masha Allah. The way u deliver everything now is sooo smooth and beautiful. Not that it wasn't before but over the time you have become a magnificent reviewer. Love from Pakistan.
P.S. please do films this week wala segment

Smritam Rana Pradhan says:

Kya kya dekhna padta hay.mujhebhi film dekhneka shaukh hay lekin ye bollywood films abhi dekha nehi jata. you're a saviour.

Sameer Kapoor says:

slaying babe

Padmaja Jannela says:

Everything was literally copies from pelli choopulu. The heroine was written in much better and there was no item song. Romance was much better . Acting was best in telugu . But Jacky does not seem to do that well.

Amrita Oxymoron says:

Hi Sucharita. Was waiting for your review on this! I am a telugu person, and have enjoyed (if not gone crazy after it ki, national award hi dilwaadho!!) watching Pelli choopulu. Came from a very authentic and potential director there. But this Mitron trailer itself was extremely bad,. And watching Jacky bhagnani in it, I felt really awful for the original maker! Anyways, waiting for your Manmarziyan review. Also, would recommend you to watch C/o Kancherapalem , a new wave independent Telugu movie that is doing really well down south now, got really good reviews by critics like Mr Bharadwaj Rangan. Do let us know what you feel about it.

Big Love,

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