Midnight Movie (2008) – Movie Review

Midnight Movie (2008) – Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror film Midnight Movie directed by Jack Messitt and starring Rebekah Brandes, Daniel Bonjour, Greg Cirulnick, Melissa Steach, Brea Grant, and Justin Baric.
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A midnight showing of an early 1970’s horror movie turns to chaos when the Killer from the movie comes out of the film to attack those in the theater.


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Christopher Clark says:

I saw this when I was 13 back in 2012

Kyros Droztamyr says:

The design for the main antagonist is lazy.
Another skull design?

B.A Baracus says:

I fucking love this movie

blastmastertv says:

Are the VHS movies too normie to review?

Raven House Mystery says:

I've seen this film a couple of times and despite its flaws, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. The characters are likable and you actually care about some of them. The cop's death, while trying to protect the girl, is one of those heroic deeds that you rarely see in films like this. Also, the black-and-white movie just seems to have an aura of menace around it. Like "Spider Baby" or "Anguish", the film-within-the-film would probably make me nervous to be watching it at a midnight screening.

Cancer Twat6969 says:

My favorite death was when that guy got electrocuted by the light switch.


I liked this film…i like the killer's costume.

William Mackinnon says:

This movie is good but I don't love it.
Can you review hush.

Scott Probert says:

Oh yeah forgot about the killer cut

Scott Probert says:

I love this movie

Johnny P says:

I like to call this guys weapon (you're gonna love this) the Drill Knuckle.

Amy Tanner says:

I actually got this in my March horror pack! ^.^

Yeet Meister says:

if he's in the movie would the actors in the movie break 4th wall and do what we would do, or would they like…like if he jumps into Dracula, would the characters stop and ask what he's doing here or would they just act like its part of their life..or something?

Ivan Arsovski says:

you guys shoud rewiew hils run red the horror

Madi DeGroot says:

You guys should watch the Midnight Meat Train

Platypus of Death says:

I just finished watching this and I have to agree with what you guys were saying about this flick. It was great, but it didn't really have an ending. It was like the people making it were running short on time and said "Oh shit, we have to end this right now." so they threw something together. I checked and the credits started at the hour and 15 minute mark. If they had just made it 5 to 10 minutes longer they could have had an awesome ending that wrapped it up nicely. I also agree that they wasted the stinger at the end. What they should have done was have the stinger be a police officer setting the film up to be played at the station, and then cut away right before the projector was turned on.

On that note, I give this movie 3.5 blowjobs received while yelling at teenagers for talking during the movie out of 5.

Christopher Harris says:

I saw it and loved This movie was a combination between Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm Street and Psycho. And it has a higher bodycount.love the kills My favorite kill is the electrocution kill.Ted Radford will destroy every horror icon in his path. So dark that it's awesome. excellent review

Christopher Harris says:

There's not a horror icon not even Freddy krueger can stop Ted Radford and I love this movie

Christopher Harris says:

Ted Radford is a beast and the next horror icon

Calin Gurau says:

I watched it with my sisters and it's really scary and good

Calin Gurau says:

I watched it with my sisters it s

ItsCliffGaming says:

You guys confuse the shit out of me, sometimes. You talk the movie up as being decent then give it a shitty rating! Stop toying with my mind! 

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