Mean Dreams (2017) Bill Paxton Thriller Movie Review

Mean Dreams (2017) Bill Paxton Thriller Movie Review

Mean Dreams (2017) Movie Review

A young teenage boy lives the daily routine on his family farm. His repetitive days will be interrupted, when one day he realises that a young girl, his age, with her police officer father, have moved into the area. The friendship between blossoms quickly, but will be put to the test when the boy realises that his new found friend is being beaten by, what turns out to be, her psychotic father. With running away together the only option, the dangerous preparation begins!



Efe Aydal says:

Good review as always. I'll definitely check it out.

laramiekreeper says:

Give "Frailty" a look. Paxton gives an awesome performance!!

J z says:

Just a side note, i loved Bill Paxton in true lies such a memorable character, knowing he passed I have endearing feelings regarding that particular role as the sly, sad and despicable car salesman yet speaking of charm there is this slight flicker of charm to that character

TheWickerBoy says:

I was never a big fan Bill Paxton so I normally would stay away but I do like the premise of this movie. I give it a watch though you make me wanna see it now. Top review dude


nice review

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