“Mad Max: Fury Road” MOVIE REVIEW! Best Action Movie…Ever!? Worth Going!?

“Mad Max: Fury Road” MOVIE REVIEW! Best Action Movie…Ever!? Worth Going!?

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In today’s video I am reviewing Mad Max: Fury Road! The film’s story is as follows…It’s been 45 years since the collapse of civilization, and resources such as water, food and oil are scarce. Survivors cling to life at the Citadel, a fortress controlled by the tyrannical Immortan Joe. When Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads a band of rebels on a daring escape through the Wasteland, she forges an alliance with haunted loner Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy). Together, they embark on a high-speed race through the desert, pursued relentlessly by the gangs of the apocalypse.
The film is directed by George Miller and stars Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, and Nicholas Hoult.

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Kaedon Tijerina says:

I legit just saw the movie yesterday

Sjoerd Kramer says:

It is a boolshit film

RadioactivSnail says:

The story fuckin' sucked dude. Like I enjoyed the action scenes and all that but… I didnt think it was worth it because I prefer more of a story than just action 7/10 😀

SweetShanana says:

I agree with the score, the movie would have been so much better if they put more time into the plot and character development, but it was definitely made for the action scenes

steve douglas says:


I thought the movie was a 810 at best

TheJFKGamer says:

Have YOU seen Mad Max yet!? Are you going to!? Leave all of your thoughts below! Subscriber support FTW! Hope you enjoy! Love you! <3

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