Love Sonia | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Love Sonia | Not A Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Film Companion

Watch Sucharita Tyagi’s Not A Movie Review of Love Sonia starring Mrunal Thakur, Freida Pinto, Demi Moore, Manoj Bajpayee, Richa Chadda, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, Rajkummar Rao and Sai Tamhankar. The movie is directed by Tabrez Noorani and written by Ted Caplan and Alkesh Vaja.

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Shadab Ahmed says:

im sure this wont find the theater going audience. this should've come out in netflix. wont gross even 5 crores.

Pratima T says:

I am glad God's grace is with the girl or any such kids rescued in real life scenario.

Pratima T says:

Demi Moore is for real in the movie because she works on rescuing such innocent kids trapped in this dirty world of trafficking through her non-profit organization. I am sure that the director has taken all possible efforts to show the reality.

Abhy Chatt says:

I have been watching your anot a movie review for as long as it has existed. Bhai waah aaj to bahut achcha englees bola. Kya kya angreji kay shabd, aur hindi bhi – vibhast ras.

Shekhar Singh says:

0:24 1400 km outside of Mumbai?🤔
It that village near Delhi because Delhi is 1400 km from Mumbai.😉

Dilan Khangebam says:

Sare characters ka story to bata diya ab kya bacha dekhne ko😭

Dilan Khangebam says:

Spoilers alert likhna chahiye tha😑

Zeba Ahmed says:

Your reviews are my favourite! Really want to watch this film but dreading it too 🙈
P.s looking good lady!💯🔥

no. 10 says:

None of my friends want to accompany me to watch this movie, they all say, it will depress them. I accompany my friends when they want to watch cringe-worthy nonsense like Tiger Zinda Hai, Race 3 etc,
I hate watching cinema by myself so i guess i would not be viewing this, which is sad 😞 .
Please like this comment , it might cheer me up. thnx.

Spiritual Atheist says:

Finally a movie about a female protagonist which Sucharita can praise without a pause !!! Now Sucharita can promote feminism through this movie .

siddhant sharma says:

Nahi karunga subscribe..bata kya kar legi….

arun negi says:

Raman raghav dekhne k baad ek or movie dekhni padi thi…. Ese dekhne k baad kya 2 or dekhni padega… To let go the "DARK MATTER"

Dr Sareeka Physiotherapist says:

Yes auditions Se hi Karo casting 👏

mursi baloch says:

Please Review On Manmarziyan

Dr Sareeka Physiotherapist says:

Wasn't that too much info

Dr.Vaishali Sharma says:

Huge fun of yours sucharita !
I may watch the movie or not i make sure i watch all your reviews !
🙂 🙂 great respect for your genuine opinions.

firefly3479 says:

Erm? The accent? Why?

keshivaartim says:

Very horrible review. It's a disgrace in the name of film reviewing. Haven't seen anything as superficial as this.

Devanshu Dodiya says:

why did u delete the other video ?

Suyash Awasthi says:

This is the kind of movie that is gonna blow up at the time of Oscars and get a re-release in all the cinemas.

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