Love, Simon – Movie Review

Love, Simon – Movie Review

A coming of age love story for a new generation and the ages. Here’s my review of LOVE, SIMON!

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Cameron White says:


aj richardson says:

Not watching this movie

Brianna Lee says:

So excited to see this movie! Pretty sure Nick was in Melissa and Joey and Jurassic World, love him, glad he finally got a lead in a movie! "I'm shit with faces apparently" ???? dead!

Tomato Soup says:

you have to fucking review 'Blades of Glory'

morzansreddragon says:

My favourite recent coming-of-age film is 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl', in which I'm also looking forward to seeking Olivia Cooke in 'Ready Player One'.

Tyson Wheeler says:

Saw this movie in my hometown which is 90% Mormon, surprised a Tuesday late showing was very full…. Then was even more pleasantly surprised by the audience reaction… In Idaho… with about 100 Mormons. A movie that can elicit sniffles, laughs, and finally awwws at the kiss in the last scene is obviously doing something right. Great movie.

Blake Gasner says:

Great review

ilovevirtualconsole says:

Nice review Jeremy.

Noelle Shamlian says:

It was so funny hearing this review because when my friend and I discussed the movie after watching it we literally said the same thing that you did about all the characters

Wubet Jean-Baptiste says:

review one day at a time

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