Love movie review UW+R

Love movie review UW+R

This week on Unboxed Watched and Reviewed I watch LOVE, directed by the wonderful Larry Wessel.



Normal Druff says:

Where can I buy the movie?

mr. rod says:

Bizarre sucks now.

Red Sonja says:

I to love Bizarre magazine!

Strandlund says:

I loved the quick editing on your part when you picked up the DVD at the end of your review…and the DVD case went from upside down to right side up…really, really tremendous!

Steven Edison says:

Oooh, you've got my attention, this one seems pretty interesting. I'll look at her stuff, she sounds like my kind of artist.

Ben A says:

I really like your apartment.

Georgie P. says:

Maybe the crazy guy had a stuffy nose and he was trying to say "Tupac."

designanddirection says:

Hey Tanner – you'd love Joe Coleman. Twisted art supremo.

Ernst_and_Turkey says:

Thanks for the jam packed episode this week! Holy cow.
The origin of the Toobach name, real-life drama (3:47), pirate incest!!?, a girl holding a poo, and another cameo by Kool Moe Dee. BTW, if Bizarre Magazine seeking out Larry Wessel for an interview is a huge accomplishment, what's it called when Larry Wessel seeks out UW+R to review his movie? Sounds like an even bigger deal to me. Congrats.

Prognosis Negative says:

Great review, as usual. I am glad you brought Beth to our attention, her work is fantastic. I have to say I am happy to see the couch back haha! I always admire how great your interior decorating is in your videos.

Miss Ebonie says:

Otoobatch is funny when he said "UH FISH" I died!!

DorianCairne says:

Ah, this just depresses me – makes me think of all the immensely talented artists out there who'll never be recognised by anyone.

Linda York says:

If you LOVE it so much, why not give it FIVE stars?

snooz64 says:

Great review, very interesting artist, thanks !

Space Paw says:

We hear the! 🙂 Incestry! You sure make up some cool new words and sayings 🙂 I'm glad that you have shown some of those paintings – it was hard to imagine them with all those details. Now I wish I had one of those on my wall too…

And no – those glasses ARE hip. Deal with it 🙂

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