Loosies Trailer 2011

Loosies Trailer 2011

A young pickpocket in the New York subways, living a fast, free, lifestyle is confronted by a woman with whom he had a one night affair.

0:15 Sing out by The Grand Magnolias
1:10 Sugar Blues by The Young Royals
1:35 On our own by Gran Ronde



hanennearer euskid says:

peter ><

Joseph Cho says:

Great job Chad!
Wonder Staff & nice song

Trista Hurst says:

This movie made me more careful on the subway lol thanks Peter 😀

Diego Martin Persico says:

nice movie, buena pelicula

Rowan Burgess says:

Thumbs up.. k?

mike813333 says:

Just watch the movie it's nice

Vero TT says:

I want this film in Italy *___*

mehtab5432 says:

i have never comented on youtube on any video or any movie but this is the movie i like enough to change that my opinion i loved this movie so simple and very unique acting i think its a very nice movie

ufcgspfan1 says:

@frankmoonrider4 thank you so much. I tryed so hard finding the song sugar blues

frankmoonrider4 says:

0:15 Sing out by The Grand Magnolias
1:10 Sugar Blues by The Young Royals
1:35 On our own by Gran Ronde

summitco08 says:

Movie looks great… But Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias @ 0:15 – Great song!! 🙂

Ester Fernandez Garcia says:

Ainssssss!! Meee encanta quiero que la estrenen ya!!! Leeeee amo!!!! Ains

Silia A. says:

Does anyone know the song we hear at the beggining? btw AWESOME movie …well it's seems to be…..I can't wait to come to Greece 🙂 !!!!!!

0Raraa0 says:

He´s absolutely the sexiest pickpocket ever! 😀 does anone know when the movie comes out in german? Oh…Actually it doesn´t matter, cause I know I can´t wait to see it anyway!
We love you peter!!!

Ladyhawke4444 says:

This clip seriously rocks! @peterfacinelli

haha no says:

@Meszily Ok,, chillax– I didn't say anything–He is by far the sexiest pickpocket,,vampire–you name it 😀

Melissa Gridley says:

@Wiizgurl98 HAvent i already told you he's the sexiest everything and anything

Melissa Gridley says:

@Wiizgurl98 I know, i cant get enough of this

haha no says:

@Meszily True 😀

Melissa Gridley says:

@Wiizgurl98 HGe would make the sexiest anything and everything

Ursoli says:

2:22 "I never took from anybody that had less then me.."

So true. When I use to rob people, I did the same. I'd rob the rich and give to the poor. And of course, some of the items I took went to me.

Elena Saez says:

@ivy91000 I started liking her in Kyle XY too 🙂
then she became my fav actress EVER (in fact my idol) and I have downloaded some movies and series' episodes she has played in..and yes she was great as Lucy I agree with you 🙂
Didn't you see Thor?

wish u were says:

I didn't think i was gonna like this movie but i did 😀

ufcgspfan1 says:

PLEASE I NEED HELP! Whats the song from 1:10-1:31?

killjoyskeepmakingnoise says:

Peter is amazing and this looks like a good movie.

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