Looper Review

Looper Review

3_KILLA_BYTES have finally returned to the Internet and your wet dreams in this review of the epic sci-fi film LOOPER. Click on this video and it might just change your life or at the very least you will find out if this film is good or not. In this episode of 3KB Jay uses puzzles as an analogy, Kat wants to have all of Joseph Gordan- Levitt’s babies and Mike gets a breast reduction. Time to clean your looper gun and lay that picnic blanket on the ground because 3KB is from the future and might want to give you a kiss when they arrive in your town.

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Flare Z says:

Yah the TK thing did not work with me

Nick Ritter says:

I really loved this film. I'd give it a 9-9.5

vg4life9616 says:

is it just me or did michael teleport shirts?

goestovalium11 says:

It was ok until the kid with the telekinesis bullshit gangleader/gangkiller story came up. It would have been better if JGL and bruce willis were time leaping and trying to cap each other… simple but effective.

clouds5 says:

Ohh yes. Starving for good sci-fi. Right here. GIVE IT TO ME.

Joseph Duffy says:

cat you are so friggen hot.

thescowlingschnauzer says:

Hoodie hat guy is wrong. The problem was not that there wasn't a good transition from JGL to Bruce Willis. The problem is there was a bad transition. If they hadn't shown a transition at all it would have been better.

meiscool00 says:

My Dads car was in this movie as in a car that my dad built and designed not by himself with help but im glad this movie was a success.

Mapledev says:

One thing I thought was very very effective, though, is when the other Looper's older self was running away, and you see the scars appear on his arm, and start to think his younger self is saving him, but then his fingers start missing, and you just get this awful dread cause you just know he's been captured and they are torturing him. Then later they make you think the main character has been captured too. You would think he is being saved, but you're tricked because of the previous scene.

Mapledev says:

I thought the scenes with telekinesis were great, but the telekinesis as a whole felt very tacked on without much reason for existing. It felt like they went "Oh, scenes like that would be great, so lets just briefly say it exists at the start, too!". The older "rainmaker" didn't even visibly use it. Also, shouldn't the older rainmaker look younger than the old main character?

There were many problems like this, but I still really enjoyed the film overall.

MediumRare103 says:

Why does Joseph Gordon-Levitt look weird after Bruce Willis shows up in the movie .-.

Michael Huen says:

I totally agree with the critiques. The film was a disappointing mixed bag.


o stop.. the movie was great. your bitching about minimalist stuff.

xobribrixo13 says:

I'M SIDING WITH THE GIRL! great movie! Great acting. and as always, JGL (joseph) is Dee-lish!

Austin Lovell says:

I didn't get "don't see it." I got that it has quite a few plot holes, which in a story heavy movie is a terrible thing. So I don't want to see it.

heavytransit says:

i like how J´s character is now supposed to say all the shit fanboys will be mad about with an attitude, the show is really well planed, and that makes it pretty cool .

krispwnsu says:

They both seem really human to me. There are so many scenes in this film were my eyes started to water.

T.C.J B says:

I just didn't know what the fuck you were on about, you don't have to tell me i am cool…i know. "vary small" though….c'mon.

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