Looper Review by ThatMovieNerdKevin

Looper Review by ThatMovieNerdKevin

That Movie Nerd goes forward and back in time to see Looper, Rian Johnson’s new film with a great score by Nathan Johnson!
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Joe Tufano says:

Just saw it today. My head is still spinning from thinking about it! You're right about JGL. He just disappeared in this movie, and the scene where they're in the diner… I was in awe because the facial expressions and the remarks that JGL made just made me say, "He IS Bruce Willis!" This film, TDKR and 50/50 are my favorite films that he's in.

Brenden Killough says:

completely agree..Looper is AMAZING !!! ha …Looper,Hesher,& Mysterious Skin are his best performances ! best movie he's in is The Dark Knight Rises : )

MovieManCHAD says:

Great Review my movie brother for life!!!

MrAwesomemoviereview says:

My favorite Joseph Gordon Levitt movie is Inception. I have mixed feelings for Looper. I enjoyed it, but I was a little disappointed. The concept is original and inventive, but I thought that the movie had a few pacing issues (mostly where Joe meets Emily Blunt's character and I thought the movie dragged a little and I disagree with you I thought the kid was not that great of an actor.) But I still really enjoyed Looper even though it won't be my favorite film of all time. Glad you loved it!

iwanttobelieve2 says:

My Favorite Joseph Gordon-Levitt movie has to be 500 days of Summer because that was the first movie of his I watched and I just love that movie lol. But Looper comes close.

iwanttobelieve2 says:

LOL i went with my dad not realizing there was a nude scene, and I just put on my poker face during that scene x)

HQBacon says:

Except it might be a little odd being in there with the nudity :3

Frank Howley says:

You should review Akira, which strongly influenced Looper. Rian Johnson cited it as a direct inspiration.

and review Oldboy.

HQBacon says:

Oh, and will you be reviewing Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1?

HQBacon says:

Trying to convince my dad to come see it with me sometime soon. lol

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