Looper Movie Review – Chatalbash Reviews

Looper Movie Review – Chatalbash Reviews

My review of that time travel movie with those two big stars who look NOTHING like each other!!



Nathaniel Rice says:

I enjoyed this movie. 8.5/10

Hectorferjr2 says:

I thought Looper was an awesome science-fiction movie with an interesting story written by Ryan Johnson, strong and intense acting performances by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Joe Simmons, Bruce Willis as old Joe, Emily Blunt as Sara Rollins and Pierce Gagnon as Sid Harrington, good directing by Ryan Johnson and a nice message about a hitman learning to put his selfishness aside in order to help people in danger.

I give Looper 4 out of 5 stars and I hope you enjoy Looper.

SpiRos Ontic says:

I disagree, I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt was fucking amazing as a young Bruce Willis,.. every time I saw him on screen I was just fucking shocked. Anyway, good review all the same

Ayax Conde says:

Where do you get those great tee shirts? I would love to now

precise thegreat says:

the diner was the worst and most boring scene

SwagFB says:

i used to watch you all the time 2 yearss ago.. took me forever to find your channel again cause i forgot your name. glad we meet again brother. cheers

rapturessilliestgirl says:

Aw yeah! Finally a critic who's seen Brick and The Brothers Bloom as well and points out how different they are! That's one of the reasons I love Rian Johnson so much, he adapts to each genre perfectly and still manages to make the films feel unique. Damn, he's awesome. Great review!

lonewolftheblack says:

all true. Looper is a good movie. I'm just saying it could a really use some ironing out and had a few thing that I myself did not care for.

WarlordRising says:

Good review. Agree on almost all points.

CairnisReed says:

I like the new intro vid, but the intro music needs an update.

Karsten K says:

you could argue that Bruce Willis is being irrational however. He could instruct young Joe to avoid his future wife, and she would never die in the alternative time line.

i agree, i heard however it was the studio's decision to not include any of the telepathic stuff in the trailer. However i'm on the fence because the scene where the rainmaker kid levitates the looper, and makes him explode in mid air was soo bad ass.

lonewolftheblack says:

first off I'm glad to see there are still some YouTube commenter that act like adult 🙂
but yeah I guess Bruce Willis just gave a better performance to me anyway that and I did not cont the whole child killing against him be
he want to kill the Rainmaker who become responsible able for his wife's death
My main problem with the film is that it does way to much for only 2 hours if they just made it another hour or half-of to iron out the time element
that or just cut telepathic element out

Max Malikkal says:

Omg you do kinda look like Steve Carnell

dobler wingdo! says:

I'm very ashamed to admit this but… I think I liked… I think I liked Looper better than the Dark Night rises!

Karsten K says:

that's also true. However JGL character wasn't necessarily supposed to be a good guy. He was a professional hitman after all. Plus, one of the cooler parts of the movie was how the director made you love/hate the characters

most people like Bruce Willis' character during the scene where he is growing up, and meets his wife. Most people hated him when he was killing all the children.

lonewolftheblack says:

true but if I want the main character who I'm supposed to like or even root for to die then that tends to be a bad thing

petplatypus says:

finally someone that's agrees with me, JGL looks NOTHING like Bruce Willis in this movie, I can't believe everyone says he does -_-

petplatypus says:

just cause someone was emotionally involved does not mean its a good thing, that's like saying Transformers 2 is a good movie because everyone that hates it was emotionally involved and hated the characters

Gbemi Oladipo says:

Good review, but little things like saying Emily Blunt is telekenetic is a bit unnecessary because its kind of a spoiler. It would not have taken anything away from your review if you didnt say it. Anyway, it was still an excellent review. And I really enjoyed the movie, JGL and Willis were amazing. And the Diner scene was brilliant

MyBlahblah1234567890 says:

I know you are busy with college, im with you on that one. Would love a trailer talk 🙂

futurestoryteller says:

I felt imprisoned by that movie and its dismissal of human unpredictability, free will, and deductive reasoning.

Brittany Blair says:

are you going to do a music monday soon?

Karsten K says:

which means you were very emotionally involved in the movie…which is a good thing.

Karl Hansen says:

you like timetravel movies ? see timecrimes

lonewolftheblack says:

I could not like this movie because the JGL character was just to much of a douche bag who I just wanted to die

mactazer says:

Hey Tom. Do you like Death Grips?

Stephen Thibault says:

That shirt is amazingg!

ZombieZifiction says:

late ass review

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