Looper Movie Review

Looper Movie Review

TeeMayne reviews the Sci-Fi action film “Looper”
Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano & Jeff Daniels
Directed by Rian Johnson.
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Gary Garrison says:

didn't you just get drafted 7th by the Sacramento Kings?

Roneil Boodram says:

good, thorough review. keep making more reviews.

FreeSudani says:

absloutly amazing movie , i went into the theater not knowing anything about this movie , i didnt even watch any trailer , completly blind , thats why the film was so interesting to me coz i wasnt expecting anything , absloutly amazing and clever movie , but one thing i didnt get whats behind the super power that kid have , and is he "rain maker"??

TheMrJDeezy says:

The Motto by Drake, Lil Wayne and Tyga. I'm supposed you didn't know that, it's where the YOLO came from.

rickbarry14 says:

Just subscribed nice vid

nezaar souini says:

Whats the song of the intro called

Sam Davies says:

I really didn't like this film. The only thing I did like was how the near future was implemented so seamlessly. I didn't like the make up at all it was incredibly off-putting. I think the plot is just a bit too Terminator for my liking. It was at least half an hour too long and the kenisis aspect was brought in too late for my liking. The end wasnt how I wanted it to end, SPOILER I wanted the boy to kill his mum and Willis and accidentally become evil which ties up the loop of time travel.

Bowser115 says:

I saw it today, I really liked it. Although the story builds up slowly, it really works well for the film! Great character development! Really good film!

Matt Winger says:

Great vid, btw.

Matt Winger says:

The Brothers Bloom was his second film…very quirky and didn't do well.

TerrelleGrahamReviews says:

I doubt it,I really don't like them films

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