“Little Evil” 2017 Netflix Horror Comedy Movie Review – The Horror Show

“Little Evil” 2017 Netflix Horror Comedy Movie Review – The Horror Show

Cecil & Marcia review the new Netflix horror comedy release starring Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly, “Little Evil”!


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Hosts: Cecil Laird & Marcia Parker
Produced & Edited by Cecil Laird

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Zethrael of Teldrassil says:

I see "Little Evil" on the Netflix menu, but keep passing over it. Talk about not judging a book by its cover … in my case, it's the movie title that kept me from watching. And the fact, I am not a fan of "horror comedy". You have horror; you have comedy. Pick one 🙂 But, after your review and the comments below, I think I will give it a go. Great job, everyone!

Jesus R says:

It was okay had some funny bits here and there but overall not too shabby.

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Sanity Is Radical says:

It was a pleasant surprise for me. Up until the ending I thought it was a very decent and unique take on an old story, but I didn't care for the last 20 mins or so. I was hoping for a funny left turn (like perhaps they learn at the end the kid isn't possessed, but just autistic or something) but all in all, not a bad film. Not great either, but it's def a solid 90 min time killer.

Chase Smith says:

Adam Scott has been the straight man since Parks and Rec. It was a good one. A nice middle of the road movie that you can have on in the background. Middle of the road movies are needed as much as great and so bad it's great movies. Sometimes you just wanna veg out…Little Evil is a good veg out movie. Being more vulgar/profane("edgy") would have ruined it.

Sarah Marcel says:

I loved Adam Scott in "The Good Place" and kinda watched it because of him and was a bit disappointed. The best parts by far were the horror homages. Sooo many. 
Overall, I was bored watching it. I paused it quite a few times and then multi tasked on my computer.

cobra kai says:

I really liked this film. Watched it last night and it's definitely worth watching. STAY SCAREDDD

Cody H says:

I really enjoyed this movie although the end did take off a little for me but still I enjoyed it but I may have a skewed opinion seeing as I'm a big Adam Scott fan

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