Life Of The Party – Movie Review

Life Of The Party – Movie Review

Melissa McCarthy stars as a Mom who goes back to college at her daughter’s college. Here’s my review of LIFE OF THE PARTY!

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james williams says:

..traffik? ..deadpool 2 next week ! ..than solo

Keith says:

"What a PAIN IN MY CLASS!" 🤣🖕

Aditya Sharma says:

I have watched IW once, it's alright.

Mstitsorgtfo says:

Isn't this the plot of Back To School–1986?

Rhette Cujo says:

Overboard now, maybe?

Furqan Haqqani says:

Bro do one on The Greatest Showman

rateyellow3 says:


James Michael Parry says:

Saw IW for the second time last night and found it just as enjoyable as the first time, if not more so. I started to over analyse dialogue, like was Dr Strange just playing with Thanos when we were chatting before they went in to attack or did he very specifically, and pointedly get him to make certain admissions about his reasons for doing what he is doing.

S. Clark says:

I forgot what video I was watching after you said 'Avengers: Infinity War'; that threw me all off. I have a mind of a gold fish.

Kristian Dunn says:

A:IW 3x so far

Spencer Jackson says:

Ur right… no one is asking for this review

Brandon Meadows says:

I'm seriously thinking about going to see Avengers again….that good

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