Lady MacBeth (2017) Thriller Movie Review

Lady MacBeth (2017) Thriller Movie Review

Lady MacBeth (2017) Movie Review

After having her hand forced in marriage, a young English woman in old England, finds her new husband to be very cold and lacking the intimacy that she needs. After starting a passionate love affair with one of the workers on her estate. Wanting the affair to blossom into something more, she realises that she will have to take care of the cold family that stands in her way. This is the start of her dark descent, as it becomes more apparent that she will even resort to murder, to get what she wants!



Efe Aydal says:

So it's just a coincidence that her name is Macbeth?

knockturnal808 says:

I saw this last week,, I liked it, very tragic. Happy new year

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