Killer School Girls from Outer Space (2011) – Horror Movie Review

Killer School Girls from Outer Space (2011) – Horror Movie Review

Bloodbath and Beyond reviews the horror movie Killer School Girls from Outer Space directed by Alexander Shumake and starring Donny Boaz, Julin, Ron Jeremy, and Derek Lee Nixon.
If it’s ever available again, it will be here:


When a shooting star lands in Small Town USA, a teenage couple decide to check it out. They discover their shooting star is a flying saucer piloted by Killer School Girls from outer space on a mission to destroy the earth!

Big thanks to Jeremy Hayden for hunting down this for us. Check out his social media and IMDb.



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docthemetalfreak says:

I think I have reviewed much worse personally. but then again I havent reviewed this. so yeah thats a headscratcher lol

Zach Tilton says:

Guys you should review Repo! the Genetic Opera

Raven House Mystery says:

Kudos to John for his comment about making a B-movie bad "but still making it good and entertaining is an art and a charm in this genre". That is so true. I don't know what the formula is, but so many recent genre films fall short even in that category.

Steve Ramsey says:

Haha! What a fun review! This strikes me as trying to intentionally make a "So bad it's good" movie. That's like trying to create a viral video. It's just something that needs to happen organically on its own.

Jeremy Hayden says:

Thanks for the shout out man, I actually auditioned for the roll of Howard and expressed interest in Bobby and Danny, but alas I did not book any of the roles.

Sean Johnson (BIGWHITEproductions) says:

Another great review guys! Are you gonna review "Officer Downe"? I'd love to hear what you all think of it.

BoogeyMan Ben says:

Great review. Sorry the movie turned out to be so bad.

mstrsmth says:

The "bomb" in the film totally looks like an iPod docking speaker.

gagnashdiak x says:

Well, at least now I found a full version of The Amazing Bulk! Now I can watch the missing seconds of the youtube-version!

Carnelust says:

From the sound of it finding this movie seems like going out to search for Atlantis and instead finding a Wallmart parking lot.

aloha studios says:

Just go to 123movies if you want to find something

YoungSavage1738 says:

LMAO. what a copy of killer klowns from outer space. These movies basically have the same title and plot

JayWolf Cuadra says:

This sucks…Jay, I'm waiting for another Extreme Underground review!

Rusty Sanborn says:

Then again… I could probably make a better film about me taking a dump…

Zachary Haith (GamerCannibalCorpse) says:

So the director sent you a copy to shit all over it, haha.

Rusty Sanborn says:

Scarecrow Gone Wild, Killer Killer, and Direwolf were better than this…

jmontyjams says:

I hope I can find this.

Kian Lawton says:

you gues are awesome

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