Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap stars Halle Berry in this new thriller of abduction. Not like “the call” jk pretty similar to the call except this time her own son is the victim of the kidnapping.

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Eddy Molina says:

Wonder Woman Written Review and Rating on my FB page:

See More Toys says:

All the customers in the restaurant that were rude were white. IMO those scenes were in the movie to show white people in a bad light since the kidnappers were white trash types. But those two white trash kidnappers sure had a pretty nice home located on the water with a dock and a new, but small, fishing boat. I was surprised that they didn't show the kidnappers living in a beat up single wide trailer. Also, their car was a white trash cliche also. I guess it is okay to be racist toward white trash people since they are, you know, white trash. And how many people did she kill on the road chasing her kid down the road? If the police chased criminals going down the road in the manner in which she was portrayed, people would be very upset at the cops, but since she's a mom, what, she's a hero? This movie sucked with a capital S.

Dan Rigsley says:

Just don't play Marco Polo in public. Always watch your kid….duh.

*Eva Roses* says:

I'm a child but if I were kidnap I would have yelled "HELLLPPP MOMMMMM PLZZZZZ HELPPPPPP AHHHH" like that

Razbere Chism says:

I thought that the movie was very Stupid.

camilla says:

ok movie. But i want to know who has the song at the end…Anyone??? I can not find it ANYWHERE

Haruka Takahashi says:

I already seen the movie "Kidnap" and I thought it was in theaters like months ago? why are they showing trailers again?

msgollimousavi says:

Shot upp you don't have kids!!!

Daisies R g8 says:

Personally I think the intro was way too long and quite unnecessary. I get they want to set up her character as the struggling single mother but wayyyy too long. Again personal opinion.

David Sanchez says:

wack short stupid movie, crap lol I waited along time for this shit lol wow

David Sanchez says:

first of off the creep got out the car to kill halle berry with a knife and failed then a couple minutes later he had a gun lol

春Kahag says:

who sing a song

RD Osit says:

all i can say is the movie is a crap…. its nonsense crap crap crap…

PhuckHue2 says:

stupid ending

Alexandria Vaun says:

I thought The Call was ok. The kidnapper was creepy with the hair stuff! I'm not a Halle Berry fan though. I would've chased them while calling 911 too! Is this on Netflix or Redbox? Great review!

ViewWorldCinema says:

Great review! I might check this one out! Car chases can be great when done properly. I wont have high expectations with this one but who knows, I might like it 🙂

Nightwing400 _ says:

so I just watched this, and after I looked it up and it Saud it was rated r. how is this rated r, there is 1 F word, and there was not a single gory death, this makes no sense, whay do you think, I would appreciate a response, but this was a excellent movie

Eddy Molina says:

What did you guys think? What would you do in a similar situation!?!?! (not that I ever want this to happen to any of you)

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