Justice League – Movie Review

Justice League – Movie Review

GoodBadFlicks reviews the long awaited Justice League film. Directed by Zack Snyder.
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Sabreen Rezvie says:

I felt like watching another version justice league war or the animated series. Loved the humor and banter. This time I completely stayed away from all spoilers/trailers. I was so happy to see these characters mix well together. I kinda read about the mustache problem, so I noticed it few times. was bit disappointed about supes not getting his black suit or not growing a beard/hair LOL (sorry). I think this is overall a good justice league movie.

Marcus Luera says:

You didn't see how bad his face looked? If you don't wear glasses you should get your eyes checked.

Sundog A says:

I think a lot of the hate for this film is left over from MoS and BvS, which were legitimately terrible films.

Rio Murti says:

Saw the Movie, Loved it! Love your video as always. I agree with your opinion. Keep up the great videos!

Alex Lemonds says:

Honestly I'd have gone with Starro as the central antagonist, revamp the White Martians into his minions who've developed a cult around him & use them as the means of introducing Martian Manhunter into the DCEU. J'onn would loathe the White Martians for siding with Starro when he invaded Mars millennia ago & hold a deep personal grudge against Starro himself for crash landing into his house, killing his wife & children in the process.

gozgaz1 says:

the only 'big' complain i have on Justice League is the way the Flash runs
wtf with that posture???

Famsys says:

(Minor Spoiler)

At some point when Steppenwolf threw Batman, the cgi look terrible. The textures were mushy and it lookd like he threw an action figure

imbatman8472 says:

superman returns was better than man of steel.

lostsanityreturned says:

I disliked it, but then again I also dislike most marvel movies as well. The best DC comic movie has so far been watchmen (and yes I am well aware of the differences from the comic, I just don't care aslong as it is done competently) wonderwoman was better than this movie.
As for Joss Whedon, he ruined Avengers for me, but not this movie. I liked this more than than I liked avengers.

My favourite current gen superhero movies are
Thor Ragnarok, Captain America Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy 1, Xmen First Class

I haven't seen deadpool or dr strange yet though.

TheReal008Zulu says:

I got my knowledge of Aquaman from the Super Friends animated show.

sunsetman22 says:

I don't know for sure, but there seems to be a boycott against DC.

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