Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Movie Review

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All right guys, this is my movie review for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Whatever you want to call it Jurassic World 2 or just Fallen Kingdom whatever! I’m gonna call it Jurassic Park 5 because that’s what it is! It’s also….The Lost World 2 to some extent…here I give my analysis on JWFK after my second viewing of this film! No spoilers of course, these are just me immediate thoughts on Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! I will do a more analyzed and explained review for when its released everywhere on June 22nd but for now here is my Jurassic World 2 Review! 😀



Wizzyzippgaming G says:

I can describe my view of the movie in two words:Emotional rollercoaster

Maxx Titan says:

That might just be my favourite Jurassic park movie

TheGamingBusiness says:

that Brachiosaurus scene broke my heart

BikeZone says:

awesome review mate i love your stuff keep it up! I saw the movie on release day here in the UK too and there was one scene that literally hit me straight in the feels… i wont spoil anything but i imagine some of you will know which im on about :'(

Jon-Laurence Esnard deCespedes says:

feeling cheated that many of these reviewers and such have the doe to travel to other CONTINENTS in order to see this film? pirate or stream it for a relatively high-quality cam version (ok visuals, great audio) to get a sneak peak…and before anyone comes in with "you're stealing money from the (multi-billion dollar) film industry", know that the visual quality of this cam is good but not great and thus one (if they enjoyed the film like i did) will most likely go and see the film in theatres when it does release so as to get the full experience. i merely mention the pirate streaming option (note: i will not advertise for any one pirate-stream website – so you're on your own with that one) for those of us who cannot wait and yet cannot afford hundreds to thousands of dollars (not to mention time) in order to go see a movie a few days early in another country. enjoy.

Mackenzie Glidden says:

I've seen this movie and it roarsome have you seen the post credits it protandon in Las Vegas also the music good.

SpongeTheBest says:

What is the music you use in your videos?

Icarax Keeper of Jericho says:

Why do I get the feeling the third act reveal will be that Wu made a human-dinosaur hybrid like I saw in a fanfic once? It's a logical end point for the whole "genetic power has been unleashed" subject. We've screwed around and played god with animal DNA, so human DNA is only a small step from there. Going to see the movie next friday, I'm so excited! ^^

SunGod Ra says:

Seeing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom made me felt like I was reliving my childhood during the 1994 Jurassic Park. I loved it.

Lowell Lucas Jr. says:

Well sir you've never steered me wrong with your reviews or any of your videos so if you give this your dino stomp of approval I will definitely see it!

Kevin Sorbi says:

I saw it lol not gonna spoil it can't wait to discuss 🙂

Donovan94 says:

I saw it last night! Absolutely loved it!

Elaine Teh says:

Loved act 1 of the movie..but after that during act 2 it got abit long and slightly repetitive

Voyage Fest says:

When I watched the two scenes in the final trailer about the Mosasaurs (especially the one with it attacking the helicopter), I felt highly excited.

When I saw the T-Rex roaring as a victor against another carnivore (and as the sole apex predator surviving to the Indominus assault in the first movie) , I promised myself I must watch it at the theater.

After watching this clip, I bought a ticket.

Sadly, those critics just rated a score of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes. They seem to be always critical to this franchise with the last three not exceeding 75%. Meanwhile, some of the other superhero movies are way overrated (at least to me). I wonder. Maybe it's the nature of the genre?

Infernal Fc says:

Also the villians where a bit shallow. I did not feel anything when they got killed off no connection due to the fact they were just meh as a villian.

Infernal Fc says:

I dont get how you can say its not like the lost world when the whole island part is basicly the same idea of going to an island safing the dinosaurs, bunch of retarded hunters stab the good guys in the back.

Alberto Marcano says:

Seen it and it's awesome. IMAX is the one! I also work at a movie theater in the UK and we have a 4DX screen that requires someone to sit and monitor the customers sitting in the chairs incase of emergency. So I get to see every reaction from a sold out screen. People loved it. Kids cried for the sad and scary parts, adults covering their eyes and jumping out of their seats and so much more. Old and new generation loving it.

Flo MoonYeah says:

If i was to make a review of this movie, and really be as objective as possible (and without spoilers of course)

I think, i would simply say i loved what i expected, and hated what i didn't.

Which is pretty strange cause i really want to see more and more "jurassic" films, games, series-maybe, released in the future, i don't want this franchise to go instinct like many glorified self proclamed pro critics actually cinycally stated, i think this franchise needs to be reborn, or maybe do something totally different with it, which is probably the point here, but the way it delivers during the 2hours, sometimes really it doesn't make much sense…

So, a bit of change, YES, but with a bit of sense, please…

You stated in another video that you were really excited to see the role of Ken wheatley as a replacement of Muldoon and Roland, but really you cannot compare him with those two, it seems he just got out of a cartoon TV show…
In Jp1 Muldoon was corny but so was the rest of the movie, it made sense, in Jp2 Roland was subtle and not just your regular "bad guy hunts animals, he's mean" he mourns for his friend and ultimately he's right about nick van owen…

But really, 5 minutes after getting out of Fallen Kingdom, i suddenly realized that many situations, especially the dangerous ones, were pretty much 100% triggered by stupid decisions from the characters, be it the bad or the good guys.
Without any spoilers, i can only say it sometimes really lower the impact of suspense and emotion to see situations being triggered by absolutely dumb character decisions…

And it starts at the very first scene… i can't say anything else without spoiling, which is kinda sad for now, cause i really think this franchise deserves good writing.

Although, i guess you could argue that The other movies were guilty of the exact same kind of mistakes, in Jurassic Park (book and movie), nothing would have turned to shit if Nedry just decided "hey you know what, i'll probably wait a "without tropical storm kind of day" before i decide to steal DNA samples, hack the entirety of the Park security network, and try to escape in a tiny little Jeep in the middle of the night"
Triggering an event with the dinosaurs breaking out of their cages for another reason, the impact would have been even stronger, and the message "life finds a way" would have made much more sense, here, to me, the message is more like "life finds a way, especially when we open the doors and turn off the power grid"

In the Lost world, Nick van Owen is probably the worst character ever, you are supposed to root for him, but ultimately, dozens of people die because he decided it was a good idea to cut open the cages of dangerous animals during the night, and even take away roland ammunition from his rifle, when in front of the T-rex, it could have saved lives… also the event of San Diego would probably have never happened with a full staff on the boat.

I loved this movie, i really did, but telling me that "nothing is wrong" is really not objective at all, many many many things are wrong in this movie, it goes from stupid ingen plans to rule the world to Chris pratt running as fast as a pyroclastic eruption (though 2012 did it too, so it must be okay i guess…)

Although like i said a the very beginning, i loved what i expected, which is mainly dinosaurs on the big screen, and i also agree that the pacing is almost perfect, which is the main thing hiding the biggest plot holes and mistakes.

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