Jug Face Horror Movie Review

Jug Face Horror Movie Review

Jug Face Horror Movie Review (2013) I saw Jug Face at the Nashville Film Festival a few months ago and now that it is available on VOD and other networks I thought we’d give this backwoods horror flick a review! Directed by Chad Crawford Kinkle and starring Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter and Kaitlin Kullum.
Heres the IMDB plotline: Jug Face tells the story of a pregnant teen trying to escape a backwoods community when she discovers that she may be sacrificed to a creature in a pit.
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Kenneth Cole says:

I absolutely love this movie and I'm not sure why ! It wasn't as scary as I yhought it would be ,but it was a very good movie about back road hillbillies! The way the mom treated the daughter was so bad,I wouldn't treat a dog like that! Her dad's nice to her but she is hiding a huge really really bad secret! Maybe if there were more people for them to choose from and they didn't have them in the same bedroom as teenagers ,this wouldn't have happened! I blame the hole community and especially the parent ! I couldn't understand why they treated the guy who basically had the most important job in the community like a fool ! If you ask me Dwight and Ava are the only normal ones there ,and her poor grandfather they just tossed aside! Also they probably gave to that pit more than it ever did anything for them ! Incase someone didn't see the movie I tried not to give it away! Rachel Cole

Infinia says:

This movie is a garbage. It fails to deliver the scares.

Mikayla DeFazio says:

That movie was horrible.. saw it on Netflix. Most of the horror movies on there are sadly.

Zane Woods says:

i thought it was pretty good lol it couldve done so much better though O.o if they do a prequel id love to know more about why the pit is there or what happened 🙂 

velveetaslingshot says:

I agree with the review completely. Very interesting movie that sucks you in, but there were a few things missing that kept it from being a great movie. 

velveetaslingshot says:

The girl is so hot. 

StonedCrust420 says:

This movie is a drama. The Idea was good but not well done.
I liked the performance of Dawai and Ada but in the end i was really disappointet.
I hoped there will be something like a Monster coming out of the Pit but in the end there was just a redneck sitting on his chair.

Lorriee James says:

its so good

atheistram says:

You've likely never seen the movie in it's entirety. You likely just watched the trailer and found some clips of the actors talking about the movie. However, given that you completely falsified the intent of the movie, and made it seem like she had sex with her father instead of her "supposed by her" brother… (continued in next post)

The Death Twitch says:

Sounds interesting, maybe I'll check it out one day.

WeWatchedAMovie says:

Honestly no….but its definitely worth a 3.99 rental when it comes down and worth a redbox no doubt about it.

TJ Braden says:

Is it worth the $7.00 they want to watch it.

juanp756 says:

just a comment, don't show parts of the trailer each few seconds unles it is really necesary

Alex Maizus says:

thanks for the review! i played the emaciated boy in the film.


Vodly.to is a good place for watching movies online just pick the right sources and there are lor

YaboyDolo says:

Where can I find this movie on the internet?

WeWatchedAMovie says:

haha not at all man! Sometimes when both you and I are one of the few to do one of these random horror movies I have watched your video afterwards and been like "shit he's gonna think I just said the same shit he did" lol. Also with the black and white I use sometimes when I cant get the lighting right… I'm like dammit this is Cauwels thing haha

cauwel3 says:

that is funny I thought the same thing. Please do not think I ripped you off. I said some of the exact same shit.

cauwel3 says:

Dawai reminded me of Will Farrell.

nerdwarp112 says:

@WeWatchedAMovie could you guys review Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield?

WeWatchedAMovie says:

Ive almost watched that several times, Ill have to finally check it out

WeWatchedAMovie says:

hah. you are the first person to ask about it! I wasn't going to man bc it seems like there just isn't much call for it. But I was pretty much testing the waters out with it. Maybe I will do a catch up vid next week or do a halfway season vid then an end of season one vid. I hate to start something and not finish it!

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