Jigsaw – Movie Review

Jigsaw – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Jigsaw, starring Matt Passmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Clé Bennett, Hannah Emily Anderson, Laura Vandervoort, Mandela Van Peebles, Paul Braunstein, Brittany Allen, Josiah Black. Directed by Peter Spierig, Michael Spierig.



bobthebuilder6340 says:

stranger things season 2 review????

Ole Elde says:

review stranger things 2

Oh Hey Its Ivor Random says:

I like chris, however blade runner was fucking shit & geostorm was amazing soooo

Island of Rob says:

Great video as always but dude can we get a Thor Review I saw it in the weekend and I hated it!! and seem to be in the minority and really intrigued to see what you make of it?

Francesca Estelle says:

Is your wife going to be in more Halloween reviews? She's been in 1 video so far.

ArcticZurite says:

Why did you give it a A-

TheDeniableToast says:

Please review The Evil Within 2, it's a giant step up from the last game

naughts'an Kcrosses says:

Hey Man Lesbian,,,,,,,, John Flickster asked me to comment on his channel for a chance to win some kind of gay, retarded DVD, about a man spider that only a syphilitic rent boy like yourself would jerk his dog off to (no not your wife, hahahah)………… Yeah, fook Pickles,,,,,,, FOOK Pickles and fook Brittitty too…….. lololol……

DonPeyote says:

So much talk about traps I start to question whether this movie is gay

chris kildahl says:

Hey Chris have you ever seen Cat Soup? I'd love to hear what you think about it

Juk3n says:

Thor REVIEW!! Where are all the American reviews?

REPENT says:

I own the same shirt lol

retardomorph says:

I wanted psychological horror

Claudio LoBraico says:

review "the killing of a sacred deer"

Matthew St John says:

C+ sounds better than it deserves

James K says:

please review "The killing of a Sacred deer"

Bruno Martinez says:

@Chris Stuckmann Incidentally I LOVE this year’s Halloween intro!! Amazing production quality. It’s better than some of the movies I’ve watched on Netflix and Amazon. Well done. Would you ever do a full length feature if opportunity presented itself?????????????????

JoniJava96 says:

I just hope that you can see The Unknown Soldier (The 2017 version). Telling a story of the Finnish Continuation War from the soldiers' perspective.

In Finland, we are sown the original version of 1955 on Independence Day, which (in my opinion) is too comedic for a war movie, yet this new one blew my mind in its depiction of war just like the movie's plot was intended by its original writer, Väinö Linna.

James Brandon says:

Please review Wanted

JassyPooh01 says:

hardcore saw fan here…. and it was still horrible!

The OmniReview says:

This movie blows

Kristian179 says:

the best character in this movie tbh has to be that attractive female doctor, morgue specialist or something of that nature !

Kristian179 says:

I love how they reintroduced some old traps from the past movies !

Kristian179 says:

If they make Jigsaw 2 then they should change it to a NC-17 rating !

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