Jigsaw – Movie Review

Jigsaw – Movie Review

After a 7 year hiatus, the Saw franchise has a new chapter for Halloween. Here’s my review of JIGSAW!

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Nerd Jocky says:

Still not as good as Vindicators 3.

Jon Cox says:

Happy Halloween!finally saw the movie, worth the waitit felt so short compared to the others but it's way better than 7they showed their cards a bit early in the middle but it was pretty effective near the end

pepe trump says:

Question.. if I haven't any of the saw movies, will I be lost in this movie?

FlowUrbanFlow says:

He said at the end that the dude wasn't supposed to get his leg caught, which would have made the last trap more fair, rather than what played out.

Keif McBride says:

I actually did skip to the end to see the rating! HAHAHA!

BDevilScholar says:

I actually did skip to the end of the video

Gigi Abi says:

Lol yes that is what I did skip it to the end… lol sorry

seanhafnerisin says:

Your review sucks fuck; did you watch any of the Saws? Him having his cancer switched Totally fucking negates every motive he had, which is not even one tenth of the shit you couldn't point out as a movie "reviewer"

C Level Rashad says:

final destination > saw

Nathan says:

2:47 well fuck me

The OmniReview says:

its just a game thats always the same…..

Kristian179 says:

If they make Jigsaw 2 then they should change it to a NC-17 rating !

Kristian179 says:

I just watched it today and laughed through the whole thing, that's how good it was but i don't know why I laughed while watching it either cause I'm sadistic af or cause it is just a movie, where you can enjoy watching torture in a theatre without doing it yourself or cause you know that it's fake and who would really do such an act in public !

Jacob Grant says:

LOL! Great vid, Jeremy!

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