Jigsaw Angry Movie Review

Jigsaw Angry Movie Review

Do NOT Waste $$ this Halloween on JIGSAW here is why along with a much better movie idea from our guest BikeMan! Follow him on Twitch for a Great time like we had! https://www.twitch.tv/bikeman

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william crow says:

Angry joe – The fattest mess on the internet

Trevor Goodchild says:

I disagree- This was a fine Saw movie- albeit, unnecessary.

scottieman2 says:

Ghost Jigsaw

seanhafnerisin says:

My God how dumb can you act on cameraaaa and fucking Jigsaw was autopsied in Saw 4 you fucknut he can't "come" back otherwise you'd bitch about how dumb that'd be too

JayKillaTV says:

you can clearly tell they didn't pay attention to the movie at all and this review is a joke

Pantho says:

Just answer me this. when are you gonna get rid of that sh*tty OTHER Joe???

J. K. says:

Jigsaw becomes hellraiser ?

Void Games says:

I quite enjoyed it. Thought it was one of the best saw movies considering how bad some of the later sequels were.

Nigel Fletcher says:

Penny wise


Hugo Stiglitz says:

Fucking love Steve!

Jelle van den says:

Oh man i want to see jigsaw the apprentice bloopers

Merrick Alistair says:

The movie is great. Ppl like yall give shit reviews because you have no talent.

Fernando Neto says:

woah woah woah woah woah happy death day was good come on joe ur doing a suicide squad again

Andy Keskimaki says:

Ok now I want them to actually make Jig-Steve-Saw now

joevirgafilms says:

It wasn't bad they jus gotta redeem themselves on the next one with old characters and a better twist

Marcitos Taquitos says:

Saw shouldve just stopped at 3. Everything they said about the film was true, it was complete garbage

SaltyShale says:

When a review turns into making a better film. You know the original is gonna be a 'success' because people will watch just to make fun of it.

Like The Emoji Movie. Sadly.

LeaksSoReal says:

I saw this movie for free Ahahaha! But imo the movie was pretty good.

Nonstopgaming 922 says:

Wasn't that bad happy death day sucked ass

Japanese pigeon says:

Is the movie gory? Because if it isn't I'm not watching the movie

Bfyre says:

Joking around more than talking about the movie

Matthew Gray says:

That shirt is too cool blue dead pool

C1V1L WAR says:

I saw saw too before I saw saw but not before I saw saw four, did you see saw too or just saw two?

DiscoKittyGaming says:

I actually really liked this movie

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