Jessica Jones (2015) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Netflix Television Review)

Jessica Jones (2015) – Blood Splattered Vlog (Netflix Television Review)

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This week The Horror Guru and Count Jackula discuss Marvel & Netflix’s JESSICA JONES, starring Krysten Ritter.

JESSICA JONES was created by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the comic book series ALIAS by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos.

The show stars Kirsten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, David Tennant as Kilgrave a.k.a. The Purple Man and Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth.

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Jon Stewart says:

I hate the red head. She was annoying

Jon Stewart says:

Rosario's character is Claire Temple or Night Nurse

TheSalawag says:

This show was AWESOME! I agree, I was a bit bummed not to see Purple Man — but considering how the story ended, I think it would've been distracting and would've needed a whole episode just for Jessica (and thus the audience) to be used to the purple face, before that ending would've had the same impact. And honestly, I think the ending has better impact by seeing him with normal skin. It's fitting for this season.

This show felt like it solved all the problems with Daredevil. Daredevil randomly offshoots into subplots with its side characters, who didn't feel like they were ready for getting their own subplots yet. Especially as they both work with Matt, it didn't make sense so it felt boring because it felt disconnected. And the biggest problem really was the build up to, and the actual reveal of the costume — which was so bad it was really distracting to the final scene. Daredevil should have gotten his costume at the beginning of the finale, not just before the big fight.

Jessica Jones had an impressive storytelling flow. They really worked out the kinks to keep everything and everyone tied to the main story. I loved the side characters much more because they stuck to where they should be, plot-wise, and were really the emotional anchors / reactors to everything that happens, because Jessica is so cut-off. Malcolm was great to the end, not a Foggy at all (until now) — and the ending was just great. Purely great. I couldn't believe they did an Invasion of the Body Snatchers finale. what a show. What a show.

Candyfishes says:

I adore adore adore adore this show. It's incredibly important for rape survivors and culture. If you feel like reading, check out my best friend's analysis of the show as a fellow survivor.

Oh also, I loved the colour theory in this show. Every time Kilgrave was even SLIGHTLY thought of there was purple lighting or clothing somewhere in the shot. And Whenever blue or red was shown, there was conflict (and red+blue = purple).

Gojirabromm says:

I'll say there was one side character I couldn't stand. I felt robyn (the creepy paranoid girl whose brother had a crush on jessica) was absolutely terrible

Talisguy says:

What I really find interesting about Kilgrave is that they managed to make him MORE detestable by making him LESS evil. The comics' Killgrave (his name's spelled that way in the comics) is completely unrepentant about his sadism, never does anything to help anyone else, even jokingly, openly admits that he's completely evil whenever it comes up, and has no backstory behind his actions whatsoever. He's just a monster for the sake of it.

Kilgrave in the show? He has a somewhat sympathetic backstory, occasionally performs small acts of good, and genuinely doesn't consider himself to be evil, a rapist, a murderer, or a bad person in any way, shape or form. And the fact that he honestly and sincerely thinks that he's a decent guy, and that he's never done anything wrong, even as he casually forces innocent bystanders to kill, mutilate, rape or torture other people for his own amusement, makes him several hundred times more loathesome than the comics' version, who was already incredibly goddamn hateable.

Talisguy says:

D'you mind if I borrow "I Spit On Your Kilgrave" as a description of the show? It's too perfect to pass up.

GoldenAgeofGeek says:

I Spit on Your Kilgrave. I was wondering if you were going to make that connection. Really glad you did

Ronin Rider says:

The Night Nurse is the name of Rosario Dawnson's character

cosmosgato says:

Kilgrave was never a mutant.
He received his powers too from a chemical spill.
The Falcon didn't get his powers from the cosmic cube
It was sadly retcon into Sam Wilson story that he was a black thug originally but RedSkull used the cube to make him a happy negro as some complicated plan to get Captain America. That too as you might have guessed has been retcon away and it turns out Sam WIlson was always a good guy.

Jon Stewart says:

There was a woman in the Killgrave support group who was annoying. I wanted Killgrave to kill her.

Kannei Shuten says:

i was really hoping the season would end with murdock showing up as their new lawyer

Alex Woodhead says:

The mention of Matt Murdock vs Hogarth made me excited

Alex Woodhead says:

Hurray Thanks Guys your just fantastic

Austin Schank says:

Daredevil S2 first, then Luke Cage later in the year

Jacob Martin says:

Jessica Jones: AKA I Spit On Your Cape.

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