James King reviews Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

James King reviews Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas

James King reviews Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas. Set in the 16th century in the Cévennes, a family man raises an army after he is treated unjustly by a lord.

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Rico Sanchez says:

Amusingly, the director said he wanted Mikkelsen, because he could not think of a french actor that would have the screen presence and the gravitas needed for the part. That brilliant casting choice also shaped the script as it was written for Mikkelsen,

No One says:

James ! Watch Vahalla rising ! Your opinion might change on this actor playing midi-evil characters

Max Mustermann says:

I think Mikkelsen fits perfect into that role on the first look (haven't seen the movie yet but I've read the book).

razzaxxe says:

Useless review.

Will Self says:

Mads Mikkelsen is miscast in roles that are not modern. Seriously? Mads is one of, if not the finest actors out there today and can do pretty much anything. Surely his performances in A Royal Affair and Valhalla Rising proves his versatility for being able to do films that are not set in modern day? Schoolboy error from James King there.

David McGarry says:

King has obviously forgotten 'A Royal Affair', when he claims Mikkelsen can only play modern roles. He should pay more attention as Kermode championed that film.

Ian-John Coughlan says:

Listening to James King makes me appreciate Kermode all the more.

007DeanBond says:

either he is related to mark kermode or a clone

ThePullBear says:

James please watch 'Valhalla Rising' and think again about Mikkelsen and Depardieu… 

fitzchivalry100 says:

james king has all the charisma of a plum

Matt Young says:

Is it me or is King trying to slowly morph into Kermode?

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