It – Movie Review (Spoilers)

It – Movie Review (Spoilers)

It – Movie Review (Spoilers) – The Soup Gang review and discuss the new horror movie ‘It.’

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The Big Dog says:

The marshmallow looks stoned

Lemuel James says:

Why does the marshmallow sound like Damon Lindeloff?

woods565 says:

No giant turtle but you do see the deadlights.

Pavel Atanasov says:

Hey! You were gonna reveal who is who from the picture of you guys in real life , in your previous video , but you didnt xD

Doug D says:

06:27 A lot of cops ARE racist bigots…gotta face that reality

06:45 You guys DO understand this is how racists think right

Laz says:

As a person who watched this stoned, I can say it made complete sense. If the toothpick wasn't there, I would've felt uneasy

CJC Cassidy says:

Did anyone else spot the old Pennywise head in the room, next to the coffin when Richie was trapped ??

Chris Thurber says:

Yeah who is who in the photo

piotr butler says:

nice reference to the book having the turtle in this video

oohbutter says:

Great review.. thanks I was wondering if it was worth the venture out and nearly $40 bucks it'll cost..i was wondering what happened the marshmallow we haven't seen him since the deadpool preview video.. and he has a voice now.. that's what you call paying dues and a come up.. lol

Sam Manus says:

Seth green needs to dye his hair and come back for part 2 ?

Doreen Green says:

For me it is probably the least watchable movie ever made. I didn't want to go see it but went with a friend as they didn't want to go alone. but immediately regretted it. I can't stand horror movies and i'm shit scared of clowns and proceeded to prop up the bar for all but 5 minutes of the film.

I'll give it a 0.01 out of 10 (because the cinema wasn't very far from my house)

Trent 88 says:

I loved this movie, but you guys didn't mention 'get out' as one of the best horrors of recent times, which I think it is the best since the ring, closely followed by the strangers and the conjuring.

Also the recent Pennywise went after Beth was because at that moment she was petrified of her father. If you look at when pennywise would strike it tended to be when the kids were already scared by something. With the exception of the drain scene at the start (but pennywise could've been triggered from when the kid went down to the basement) and When Ben was at the library as far as i remember.

Jill T says:

You don't know that Bev killed her dad. Her aunt said she can stay as long as she wants. That did not sound like her dad died

Christian Emma says:

How old are the kids in the book

FlamingBlock says:

The girl who played Beverly could play Ellie in the Last of Us movie.

Safuan Ahmad says:

like subscribe, stop ✋ go watch the bloody movie.

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