IT- Movie Review!

IT- Movie Review!

After 27 years, Pennywise is back to feast! This will be my spoiler free review of the 2017 adaption of Stephen King’s “IT”!



Bob Adragna says:

I agree the kids home life was the scary part. Prefer this one.

Bob Adragna says:

wish your Dad well..

Eduardo Trujillo-Contreras says:

Chris should make a statue version of Pennywise like your Freddy one.

Sarah Pereira says:

I saw "IT" last Saturday and I love it

Creeper Gang says:

Hi there Georgie

Jav Ahmed says:

Hey Chris, just got home from the cinema from seeing IT (2017). I will start by saying there will be spoilers in this comment so do not read if you haven't seen IT and don't want it spoiled!

Having only seen this film and not read the book or watched the miniseries I have to say it was a really good film. I got heavily bombarded with feelings of E.T and The Goonies during the fil with the characters and the bikes and the comedy against the drama and horror. However the first opening scene with Georgie and Pennywise and he's drooling and his eyes change from yellow to blue and he's giggling then his smile cracks really set the tone of the film as specifically a horror, it sold the idea that this entity is only wanting to eat the kids, he doesn't want to befriend them he just wants them to die. As soon as Georgie's arm came off I was intrigued, and kept becoming more and more intrigued as the film went on. I liked the shift in tone too, going from a horror/comedy/coming of age film to more of an Action/Supernatural Thriller/Comedy/Coming of age film.

Visually the film is incredible I totally agree with you. I also agree some of the CGI was lacking somewhat, although I have to say that maybe they were intentional as it hinted that it was indeed fake and only the kids fear playing with them. I also agree with you that the kids acting was really believable and their chemistry was good, it also sold the idea that they were actually there for each other. I felt really sad that Eddie ended up covered in shit at the end after they beat up Pennywise, I felt really bad for him, which is good! You want that emotional attachment to a character and it was accomplished!

Bill Skarsgard was a terrific casting as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. His spindly, lanky physique and height really sold the size differentiation between him and the kids, even the fridge scene and he clambered out and spun into shape was terrifying as it went from CGI to actually Bill and the height never changed, and he was huge! His ability to actually manipulate the movement of his eyes naturally was really unsettling too, every time his eyes rolled back into his head it made my skin crawl.

My only big gripe would have been there wasn't much looking into the back story of Pennywise, where did he come from? Is he cursed to be around Derry forever? Does something else control him? Do the parents of all the kids know about him since theyve lived there a while? Do they remember other disasters like the Easter fire? Why does he specifically take the shape of that clown and not a friendlier one to entice more kids? I realise some of this may be explained in the book and the film will get a sequel, so maybe we'll see more information on him in there, but I'd just like more back story to hook me in a little more.

Overall the film is a tremendous film, with a lot in it, and it was very centered around the children with Pennywise only coming along to really advance the plot, I would have been happy with a two hour movie of them just hanging out all Summer.

Marcos Manzanares says:

Lovin' that Freddy
It, is what Stephen King adaptions should ?

helljumperz90 says:

He isn't demonic Chris he's an entity from space who's enemy is a giant turtle

Alamo Jenkins says:

Hahaha love your Pennywise impression lmao???

Jack Sharples says:

100% Agree with you Chris I loved this movie

Jack Barnett says:

The only bad cgi I remember was when mike pushed Henry down the well

Kayla Bates says:

Hi. Chris i just wanna say You and Laura are what got me into cosplaying! I LOVE YOUUUUU!!! THANK YOU!!! <3

Omari T. says:

don't necessarily think this is a horror film

ITS E.MannyG says:

Same, I wasn't scared because I was so interested on how it looked.

SharkWizard says:

His eyes were unsettling, but it wasn't an effect. His eyes really are like that.

Wade Parker says:

the actor that played pennywise has the cool ability to move an eye independently from the other

Brody Harpstrite says:


_Chillin _ says:

Have you ever cosplayed as a horror character or not a marvel,DC or any superhero or villain?

Deathstroke's Channel of Random! says:

Plz do pennywise thing like you did for nightmare on elm street

Anthony's Arcade says:

Loved your review! Same here wasn't scared cus I've seen it all lol but I loved the film. Great shirt too! Perfect for the review lol

Lex says:

4:03 "Celluloid film"? ?

thefatman69fude says:

I think you should do your own pennywise cosplay. Do it in your own style though. Would be kind of cool to see your take on pennywise

Will Smithe says:

Hey Cosplay Chris, so how did you like the fact that in this one they showed more gore, such as Georgie getting his arm bitten of and them actually showing it (that wasn't a spoiler was it?). As well as the other times they showed things that were in the book, but not in the original mini series?

peperruti says:

I agree completely with your rating. In my case what i most liked of the film was overall all the portrayals "not leaving anyone behind" and that balanced combination of psychological horror and little sprinkles of gore which is very difficult to obtain specially nowadays so props to Andy Muschietti.

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