IT (2017) | Movie Review

IT (2017) | Movie Review

I hope you enjoyed my review of #IT, directed by Andy Muschietti, and starring Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Nicholas Hamilton. Let me know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to follow me elsewhere on the Internet (links below)!

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rupman27isback says:

Btw great review!!!

rupman27isback says:

My review of the new IT Movie!

So this review is strictly based on the movie itself. I haven't read the whole book. So this movie was very enjoyable. It had a nice 80's feel to it just like Stranger Things brought with some great comedy. I really felt like this had a more Stand by Me vibe to it mainly cause of it's vulgar and dark tone. The kids are all great in this film. Each kid has their own unique personality that makes you love every one. My favorite one if I had to choose was Ben. I really felt for the poor kid. So I have a few complaints of this film. My big complaint of this film was the heavy use of CGI. A lot of moments I thought it looked very poor. I hated when they made Pennywise's face all CGI and the charging at the camera scenes like we see in the trailer. In my opinion he would look really good just by adding some prosthetic's and just slowly creeping towards the camera. I thought most of the scary scenes were pretty cheap and not done to well which made the movie not that scary at all. A lot of cliffhanger creepy scenes would happen and the moment you want to see it.. the scene just stops or cuts away. Overall though, the movie was really good. It had some true heart, a great message, the film had a really good soundtrack, and the new Pennywise was amazing. I wanted to see more of him on the screen.. Every time I saw him talk, smile, move, interact I had a nice little grin on my face because I thought he did such a great job. Overall I would definitely recommend this film. I would give this a B+ Grade!

MJJSmoothCriminal says:

How in the heck have you not seen the original mini series with Tim Curry?! That is a classic and you haven't seen it?! And you're a movie/tv reviewer?! I'm shocked, this gotta be a joke! Lol Tim Curry's pennywise is better but this movie is better than the original because some of the effects and it not being on tv. Bill's pennywise was good though except his voice wasn't really scary.

Monty Datta says:

They better cast Amy Adams as adult Beverly in the 2nd part or else

Zara Bukhari says:

thanks waited for your review i watched it in cinema today enjoy alot ??

Mijo Cee says:

You mean the sequel will take on 2019? When they are all adult now?!?! Niceee

Manslaughter says:

Movie was not that good, too many predictable jump scares where silence is broken by these loud instruments and shaky camera with pennywise rushing the camera.
The girl was great at her part and in showing her fear, bill was also cool.

Ray W says:

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nosferatu488 says:

this remake sucks dick

Lex says:

What?! You haven't seen the mini-series? ?

The Rawalpindi Express says:

The rerelease off the book with 2017 movie cover is really creepy

Sally Greggers says:

Don't watch the Tim curry one it's shit. It has a massive tonal problem it's keeps switching from dark and creepy moments to happy cheery nostalgic scenes, it's VERY jarring.

bytheBrooke says:

Just subscribed! Great review. IT was the beautiful lovechild of Goonies/Stranger Things/Stand by Me

Dr Death says:

In my opinion, Bill Skarsgard brings Pennywise to a whole new level of creepy, scary… whatever you want to call it. He can move each eye ball on its own, which the director said saved him hundreds of thousands of dollars, and his look is more menacing to me. The 2017 It is an absolute classic!!!

herautdeDieu says:

Mike's development wasn't close in any way to what it is in the novel or even the first TV adaptation . Ben while being very smart isn't the historian of the group mike is…and Stan ,the Jewish boy, is very logical and skeptical.we see none of that in this movie. As you said I don't mind the change they did .I welcomed the change they made to Beverly ,IT and bill for example but the bower's gang was poorly treated especially when we know the role Henry should play later in chapter two .For some one who have read the book I am rather disappointed in the adaptation especially because it has been made by downplaying some important elements belonging to the main characters . Now as a movie I liked it a lot and i cannot recommend it enough but I cannot rave about it as the ultimate adaptation.It feels way more cinematic and funny than the mini series but I don't think it matches its first part especially with Penny wise interpretation.The second part however was a total mess so I m pretty sure it won't be hard to do better.All that beig said it was a good movie and i can wait for part two and the coming Pennywise movie ..common they have too everyone wanna know where It comes from and how Derry became his stronghold..don't you Mariana?

Igotoeleven says:

yep….I gave it 4 out of 5….its a solid film……not a great film

Nicholas Cirilo says:

Incredible film review you did on the film It I just saw this film and having to say it's was incredible and scary also definitely can't wait for second part and I enjoyed the book that's it based on.

Righto Righto says:

Ew I hate clowns so the scene with Ritchie in the room full of them just creeped me out?

wingman772 says:

they have yet to make a movie that scares me.

danneh landski says:

I saw this last night I mean Tim curry played penny wise well but honestly bill played him so much better I mean I prefer original movies to remakes but this movie blew the miniseries out of the water such a good film!!

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