IT (2017) Horror Movie Review

IT (2017) Horror Movie Review

In a particularly small town, people and especially children, seem to go missing or die for unknown reasons. A small group of outcast kids believe something sinister that is lurking in the sewers may be the culprit.



Classic Modern Review says:

Great review man. I liked this movie and it is much better than the original. Though I wish this could of being more scary and I was surprised how long this actually felt. You know I just recently did an It comparison review with the original about why do we fear clowns. I don't know if you would like to check it out and see what you think? See ya 🙂

Natasha Stenger says:

I loved the movie, however it doesn't take much to entertain me lol

Chance Webster says:

Your review was excellent. A lot of praise for the movie. But more balanced here. Seeing it twice is a great idea. I probably won't see it untill it's on Google play. Was waiting for a horror YouTube channel or a website to review the movie. Others have reviewed but I think based on your review I will wait to rent it.

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