Is Parody Dead?

Is Parody Dead?

What happened to all the great spoof movies?

Originally aired on May 7, 2013.

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Leo B says:

Spy Hard spoofed Speed and Pulp Fiction which were contemporary films at the time, so not sure what you're on about, Scary Movie weren't the first to do that

Cinna-man Spice says:

Shawn of the dead anybody???…

McSuperfly says:

Not Another Teen Movie is actually a decent parody of those High school romantic comedies and it manages to stick to the genre without just becoming a bunch of references.
Its biggest problem is the title which makes it sound like another sequel to Date Movie/Epic Movie/Disaster Movie etc…

REJECT '93 says:

I really like how Doug doesn't call seltzerburg by their names. Their shitty movies speak for them. Btw, they wrote Spy Hard. They started the downfall of spoof movies in the 90's, brought it back from the dead in the year 2000, only to pave the way for their shitty movie movie's. Talk about a frankenstein's monster, pun intended. Btw, i am not hating on scary movie 1. Not a big fan, but it is better than the avalance of spoofs that followed.

MrKaywyn says:

I truly love spoofs and parodies.

Jmyster4 says:

Just watched spaceballs, i thought it was awful.

A Barber says:

All of Edgar wright,scream,chucky after 3,monty python and the lego movies

Nicholas Stanforth says:

Even super hero movie was not good,bad, or horrible?

Dusty Gozangas says:

Black Dynamite. Your argument is moot

Basket Case says:

What about Austin powers?

Kevin Luper says:

Yes but how many of those channels have turned to shitty SJW humor?

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