Interstellar – Explained in Tamil (Part 1)

Interstellar – Explained in Tamil (Part 1)

Interstellar is a 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan. This video explains the plot and interesting facts of the film in Tamil. The video voiced by JV Logesh to understand this movie for Tamil people’s. Support us by like,comment and share this video.



Tamil Info says:

Bro shutter island poduga bro

Javithakram Hajamaideen says:

bro intha movie tamil la kidaikkuma

vikram thangam says:

excellent brother.. loved the video

kannan sk says:

Tamil distributors pathi explain pannunga bro…

abhishek j says:

Background music semma
Soundtrack name bro??

Nithya Gowtham says:

நண்பரே interstellar படம் தமிழ் பிரிண்ட் எப்படீ பார்ப்பது

Suriya says:

bro neenga spoiler warning eh kodukkala..

Vashu Paiya says:

bro sutter island movie parthen antha movie romba confused pannucchu.atha pathi explained panringala.

karthick devaraj says:

awesome movie

Uthay Kumar says:

Can u explain the scene in which Cooper of the future gives shake hand to Amelia of the present? Cooper sends the coordinates from the 5d space to Cooper of the present, and he goes on a space mission….. Wil this Cooper go again to the 5d space and send the coordinates to Cooper of the past? Is this thing like a infinite loop??

Possible mine says:

Really appreciate and Good work Bro

Aravind Cse says:

good explanation

Naga raj says:

Super brother please more Hollywood movies reviews pannuga

Dhepak Somu says:

Great! Do explanation for Mr.Nobody (2009) movie

Samruth Siva says:

Bro predestination Ku explain pannunga

nagaraja krishnan says:

Bro quantom phisics ah pathina movie ( coherence) ithaum konjam explanation pannunga bro padam nalla irukum scientifiction movie

nagaraja krishnan says:

Semma semma bro innum neraya science fiction padathuku vilakam sollunga bro

Sathees Kanikai says:

Really good job!

Raghul Suresh says:

Lazarus poi 10 years ayiduchu la ?


Bro i want dubbed Tamil interstellar movie

Velu Paramasivam says:

intha padam Tamila illayaa

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