Insidious: The Last Key – Movie Review

Insidious: The Last Key – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Insidious: The Last Key, starring Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Josh Stewart, Caitlin Gerard, Kirk Acevedo, Javier Botet, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke, Tessa Ferrer. Directed by Adam Robitel.



Pire Aí says:

The meme is "fuck you it's january"

Jr Martinez says:

Why did he call split garbage if he gave it a A-?

stanley13579 says:



Khairahkamail says:

Where's my greatest showman review? ):

Nathaniel Aiken '19 says:

Lin Shaye was not good imo. Some of her lines were just, horrible. The 1st act was great tho, movie kinda fizzled out when older lin shaye was introduced.

Gunworld74 says:

It's about having fun. The movie was great! I had an awesome time.

NoVaFTW says:

The only problem with this movie was there was some things left out from the trailer besides that it was fantastic

Chillz McKillz says:

the dynamic between elise and her brother made me feel quite emotional. my family sucks and this has a family theme that i appreciated. the demon part of the film was somewhat lame but overall pretty entertaining. check it out.

Nowl Wane says:

They need a terrifying villain

Coffee House Media says:

Wait wait wait 13 hours was great it’s like the only Michael bay movie I like. Insidious is complete garbage.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

Hmm, maybe I will end up liking it as well.

Agent 16 says:

I thought it was awful. Definitely the worst one in the franchise.

Matt Reilly Productions says:

I agree with your overall review of the movie except for the part regarding the humor. The comedic banter of Specs and Tucker is one of my favorite parts of the Insidious series!

SNGaming says:

Well I only thought the first one was decent but the rest weren’t great so I won’t be seeing this one

No:1 Rory says:

Usually as movies move onto a sequel & further in the franchise they steadily get worse..

Vector AMV says:

i always guess ur rating and its always on the mark .. guess thats not juast mee

james hickey says:

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SoMuchFrenchToast says:

Can you see this movie without watching the others?

Ryno Gaming says:

I liked it,to me it was just a little better then the 3rd one but the 1st and 2nd are the goats ?.

Jon Stewart says:

Wait til you see Commuter. That looks bad

Run The Likes says:

Sorry but this movie was so pointless

10vevideos says:

I wanna see this man naked. He is FINE

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