Insidious: The Last Key Angry Movie Review

Insidious: The Last Key Angry Movie Review

AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review our first film of January 2018, a Horror Film that is a sequel of a prequel that’s the fourth film in the franchise – something tells me this isn’t going to go well!

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AngryJoeShow says:

Also forgot to mention those sideshow circus type characters like the albino skinny bitter beer face lady in the trailer – NONE of those characters show up in the actual film – They must have all been cut out for no apparent reason.

Stephen Ang says:

The director is Leigh whannell Joe he also wrote SAW

caironewyork says:

I actually enjoyed it. I thought there were some creative elements in this movie and interesting plot twists. Not great, but good.

McKaos says:

Even with the trilogy, the 3rd one was ass, i had no hopes for a fourth

Giorgio Larriva says:

I didn't think it was amazing but it was entertaining and I did get a sense of tension for parts they were going for . I didn't see the first three movies and I went to see insidious 4 yesterday as my first movie in the franchise and my friend said the third one sucked but the first two were great . So I got into this franchise that day . I really like the old lady and the two ghost investigators I like the relationship between them . I sense a mother two sons vibe . And the tension for me was great pretty spooky . Especially if you were in that situation . But I found insidious 4 a 6/10 it's average it isn't bad and it isn't great . But later I went back to my friends house and saw the first two and they were awesome spooky movies man . Can't believe it took me 7 years to watch the first one I missed out . Darth maul demon man ….. fuck that guy . I got chills at the end of the movie . lol to get to my point if you haven't seen insidious 1 and 2 go watch insidious 4 try to get invested into the ghost hunters then watch 1 and 2

Ryan C says:

This movie is atrocious. Hopefully the worst movie I'll see this year.

LiveWire134679 says:

This is why nobody watches your reviews anymore..

jeff terlecki says:

I enjoyed this movie. I like how the mom came back at the end. That was deep. So what if it wasn't like the other ones. This was more of an emotional movie. It wasn't meant to be really scary. It had heart to it. It's about the struggle of a woman who wants to be a hero, save people from demons. It's almost like a hero movie. Not a horror movie. She couldn't help the boy in the beginnings going into the first movie. They tied that in nice. That shows her flaw. She wants to save people but she can't save everyone. The creature was bad ass, character design. With keys on the fingers. How it took people. This movie was more along the lines of other creative movies like, the cell, dark city. Emotional thinking movies. Maybe babdook but no where near as scary. I appretiate good movies and this was good. I don't care what anyone says.

I Have Skill says:

Didnt watch the first 3 dab went and watched this one cause why not dab 2boring4me -2dabs
2h of a 60 year old girl walking
worst fight scene ever made(last 1)
4 or 5 jumpscares
noone important dies
there were 5-10 year Olds watching it. they weren't even scared

Lashanda Steele says:

I expected it to been much better.

Rom Rommars says:

Dude I think you need to re-watch the movie three or four times and read the books so you can get a better context of the movie for more enjoyability and give it a better revised rating like you did with Last Jedi.. ? ?

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