Incredibles 2 – Movie Review

Incredibles 2 – Movie Review

In my newest unscripted review, I discuss the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, Brad Bird, and objectivist narratives.



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Incredibles 2 – Animation / Superhero / Comedy – Movie Review



jc1424 says:

The storyline to this movie and the way it was presented was both cheap and over-introspective. The actual scenes and scripting were fantastic, though. Basically fun but predictable.

Jonathan Gillis says:

I feel like it was worth the hype. Definitely worth the wait

Static Symphony says:

Both a movie review and a book review in the same video??? Liked and subscribed automatically! Keep doing these kinds of videos XD

LittleMissBasic says:

My best friend dated somebody in high-school/uni for a few years who was obsessed with Terry Goodkinds sword of truth series. So much to the point where his nick name for my friend (his girlfriend) was kahlan. Yes I know I wanted to vomit to. My nick name for him was Atlas, a reference which he apparently didn’t understand. Once word for word in the most serious condescending tone he could muster he actually said the following to me, and I quote “ why do you call me Altas? If you’re going to make fun of me for being smarter than you shouldn’t you call me encyclopedia.”😂😂😂

Your analysis at the beginning of this video made me laugh and was weirdly validating in a strange way, like I just lay to rest an argument I spent 5 years of my adolescence attempting to win with that asshole that I didn’t know needed to be laid to rest until now. I supposed that douche was my first real taste of dealing with classism in an intimate setting. He was the kid of upper middle class white parents (his dad owned a small business), and my friend and I were from minority working class backgrounds. He acted like his dick was doing charity work and my friend refused to acknowledge it and the whole situation drove me crazy. But anyway thanks for the weird unexpected therapy.

Jackson Roze Reviews says:

In my opinion, the first Incredibles is perfectly OK. In my opinion, if you want to watch an animated film about a superpowered being going through a midlife crisis, I highly recommend DreamWork's MEGAMIND . I find the concept of a superhero who's so tired of the same old routine that he fakes his death so he can willingly quit, thus allowing his supervillain archenemy who has also begun suffering a midlife crisis to finally win for a change and take over the city only to realize it's not as fun as he thought more compelling than what The Incredibles did. Thats why I think DreamWorks is better than Pixar!

Alextromagnetic says:

I love what this has to say about how the media shapes and controls what the public sees, how people with power are necessary but also can be a detriment to society if they abuse said power, and startlingly relevant message, and about doing what is best for your family, even if it means breaking the law to do so if it means your family gets a better future. The allegory is blatant, but it's done extremely well. It's also probably the most mature Pixar film in terms of how it's shot and how it's lit. Better than the first for me


Focus Hip Hop says:

Each one teach one: objectivism.

Win says:

I went into this review with a single hope, a prayer, if you will. All I desired was for you to even just offhandedly mention Objectivism. To have it be part of the core thesis of your review, well, it's a dream come true. Saw the movie a second time with a friend just to laugh at all the barely contained philosophical blunders. Thank you, Mark. Thank you for touching what professionals won't.

Maztuhmind says:

First Incredibles is in my top 5 fave Pixar movies.

2 is a solid follow-up, but misses a lot of the wit that made the first one so charming.

RagingCool says:

Pray for the Wicked review soon?

The Germanic Language Branch says:

Hot takes: Tomorrowland is a great film. Incredibles 2 is the worst Brad Bird film, this is his only fine film (strong 6 to a light 7) while all of his other films are great.

Mark Quick says:

What’s the book he’s holding I feel I recognize it but it’s little blurred

Sydney Dunaway says:

It's interesting though, because one of the things you bring up in this review is a gripe I have with most philosophical narrative, not just Ayn Rand. Traditional narrative and philosophy tend to get in each other's way. Like, you look at Plato's work, and the narrative is just a laughable excuse for him to prattle on about his philosophy. Aristotle had the right idea with his treatises. 😛

Erik Ruiz says:

Objectivism doesn’t JUST appeal to white guys. My life’s good and sky is the limit

Gibby SwagMoney says:

I was not expecting Atlas Shrugged, of all things, to be brought up in a review of a children's animated superhero movie.
just goes to show how observant Mark is that he centered the first half of this review on a context that I barely even noticed in the movie.

Sydney Dunaway says:

If I had a nickel for every time people accused Brad Bird of being an objectivist, I'd be a millionaire.

Rosandra Davis says:

This movie review was very verbose.

Hey Melon says:

Does anyone else agree that Wall-E is the worst Pixar movie?

Edit: chill, I never saw cars 2 or 3.

Mike White says:

I deplore the idea of objectivism, but I always saw incredibles as just a fun superhero movie, I still do.

Carter Watson says:

Can u review the vampire diaries ????

Everett Klomp says:

I love your reviews Mark, but I question the viewpoint of majority privilege. The biggest privilege in the US is money, as it’s always been. I haven’t found any statistics pointing to race, gender, or sexual preference discrimination on a systemic level. Of course, personal interactions are different, but systemic racism/sexism has been illegal in this country for decades. If anyone can prove me otherwise, I welcome you to. ~ A classical liberal

VLRgospel09 says:

I thought Brad Bird rejected the Objectivist readings of Incredibles 1?

Diamond Axe Studios Music says:

Before I watch your review, let me just say that I don't really care that the story of this movie had some pretty gaping plot holes, I had more fun with this movie than I have with any movie for quite a while.

HØody The Cartoonist says:

What an interesting Description Of Theory & Subtext for a Superhero Movie!!!! I enjoyed the Movie a lot but I admit the villain wasn’t a strong point and the movie ending wasn’t a strong point for an enjoying Narrative but I believe this movie went for a different direction that I wouldn’t even know LOVE!!!!! The comedy is Just PERFECT
I give it a 7.5/10

dirty rat says:

the incredibles is the best pixar movie 🤷🏼‍♂️

Eric Taxxon says:

Its difficult for a movie's ideology to get in the way for me, but both incredibles are so friggin blatant that I can't ignore it. Especially since both villains now have been caricatures of leftist ideologies with extremely flimsy motivations.

You are definitely right about Cars 3 actually being good, not quite as good as the first one but it furthers the themes in a very natural way.

NiNoLiberté Fioz says:


RGS says:

Mark- makes a whole elaborate and interesting introduction based on objectivism, philosophy, ideals and such

Me- “I liked when the baby made noises , 7/10”

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