“Incredibles 2” Movie Review

“Incredibles 2” Movie Review

Incredibles 2 is a 2018 American 3D computer-animated superhero film, produced by Pixar Animation Studios. A sequel to the 2004 film The Incredibles, the film is written and directed by Brad Bird, who also wrote and directed the first film, and features Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson, John Ratzenberger, Brad Bird and Michael Bird reprising their roles. Huck Milner and Jonathan Banks take over roles from the first film, while Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Sophia Bush, Phil LaMarr and Isabella Rossellini, voice new characters. The plot follows Elastigirl as she sets out to save the world and put superheroes back in the spotlight, while Mr. Incredible must stay at home and learn to live a normal life with Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack

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big mike says:

I knew this was gonna be a SJW film I could see that from the trailers

JT says:

"JSW" Hahaha!

Mark Tamez says:

No god please no….

Tell Darbouze says:


Tell Darbouze says:

Yeah I saw the film and felt the same way. There is definitely a forced SJW message. I'm not even that dude. I thought TLJ was just a bad story. I see a ton of propaganda that is having the opposite effect on people. People are now more mad at LGTQ and Woman groups (that we all want to be down with) but because of the way the force feed these bad stories into clear propaganda it fails. I hate this shit. Hurts everyone.

My Perspective says:

It’s films like this that make me appreciate Wonder Woman even more. And before you mcu fanboys attack me and call me a “dC fAnBoY” even though I love both, at least listen to the reason why? A lot of these studios been piggy backing off the Wonder Woman wave thinking just putting female leads in for the sake of female leads will get audience support because of feminism when that’s completely false. The feminism in Wonder Woman wasn’t forced and was natural to the story. Wonder Woman didn’t FEEL like a feminist film. Yes Wonder Woman saved Steve sometimes but he also saved her as well and taught her valuable ideology lessons and the film still made steve Trevor the MAN! He was still knocking people out , running around no man’s land blasting fools, blowing things up with bombs. He was still that guy! They didn’t demasulate Steve Trevor for Wonder Woman to shine. They both shined because the story recognized them both as heroes not just Wonder Woman. That’s what incredibles 2 got wrong in my opinion

Nerdy- Girl82 says:

I'm a female and I am sick of the SJW propaganda that Disney keeps trying to force feed us. I agree with X-Files… the Incredibles should have continued to go with the same fantastic four format that they used in the first film. Im all for women empowerment, but this SJW movement is ruining films. Women should never have to emasculate men just to empower themselves.

Manny Lanier says:

Lol love y’all. Looking forward to this film for the sake of my childhood

Charlie Johansson says:

why? Because it's been a mans world and now when changes are coming. Fakes like you don't like it.

Blue Saiyan Jesse says:

That sneeze tho lol

allbies says:

Disney are losing my respect consistently from Star Wars to fucking Incredibles

Mag Movies says:

Can you believe this motherfreaker is being released all the way in mid-July for us UK peeps? -_-

AlphaQSilly says:

you aint a true feminist. better get used to women in power. the future is female!

Robert Ayotte says:

this just helps trump in 2020

Robert Ayotte says:

It's impossible to escape SJW propaganda now. It's literally in everything. Thanks for keeping it real Jody

J- STAR says:

Interesting. I'm just glad most my female friends and hell…even my ex weren't about this feminazi bs that's going on a lot these days. Y'all said it the best way. You don't need to make the man seem weak just to make the woman stronger. That's not equality. I love badass women, but you can tell when it's being forced. There's more I wanted to add to this, but I'm sure it'd trigger the fuck outta some people so I'll leave it alone.

adrian murphy says:

I'm all for equality, but I hate the SJW agenda..

My Top Picks says:

Disney is starting to piss me off! So tired of their shit

Hello ! says:

I’m gonna watch this now but plz tell me now if this is a spoiler review???!?!?!?!

Manraaj Virdee says:

Damn Xfiles be venting!

Gearmaster2250 says:

They didn't need to do the movie like this. Elasti girl showed in the 1st movie that she kept the house in order and when Mr. Incredible got kidnapped she went to save him on some James Bond ninja shit. She already showed she was a badass superhero and a great wife and mother.

Grizz84 says:

Great review Jody!!!!

Gearmaster2250 says:

I knew they was gonna pull this bullshit. They waited to long to do this movie. Fuck that SJW bullshit, just make a great movie. If I wanted to learn a message I would watch PBS or some shit.

920mario says:

I knew it was sjw when i saw thr trailer lol

920mario says:


SlyTF1 says:

This movie sounds like some MK-Ultra mind control shit. They distract you with all this entertaining shit, just to get you on board to accept the subliminal de-masculating garbage ass propaganda. I HATE shit like that, and I'm sick of seeing this in every movie I go see. I haven't been to the movies in MONTHS because of this garbage.

Killmonger 509 says:

Jody u should react to the last of us part 2 just to see what your gonna miss out on if u don’t get ps4

Benj97s says:

Lol damnnn, Jody looking fresh wid that red polo, gold chain and watch whewwww 👀

Drax The Comedian says:

Who cares if Mr Incredible was sidelined , he had most of the screen time and was the most important character of the 1st one … don't see why ppl get so triggered by Elastagirl stepping in the spotlight it ain't that serious . We saw Mr Incredible do epic shit in the 1st one

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